A Hyper-Productive Experience

ABM events combine a decade of experience in technology-facilitated business development, industry knowledge and the engagement of influential economic partners. All participants are pre-qualified and vetted. This creates a business matching forum like no other. ABM is in tune with the vast opportunities and unique characteristics of your specific region, network or industry, providing fertile ground to achieve unprecedented results.

Your Formula for Success

ABM is driven by proprietary and highly sophisticated business-matching software that presents the combined market intelligence of ABM’s dynamic network in the most effective way possible. Designed to produce results, the system allows ABM Delegates to efficiently prepare for face-to-face meetings with only relevant, like-minded, motivated decision makers who want real handshakes and concrete deals.

As Easy As 1-2-3-4

  1. Sign up for an ABM Account and pick the event you want to attend. Visit our opportunities page to find out who’s currently registered and matching at our various events.
  2. Create Your Profile: Fill out a detailed profile on the ABM business matching platform. Your profile features your business with its priorities, projects and partnership opportunities as well as products and services either required or offered.
  3. Prepare for your one-on-one pre-scheduled appointments: Our platform displays all information you need to develop your customized trade show program clearly. Research, communication and scheduling is a breeze, so you can focus on finding the most relevant matches. In order for an appointment to embed itself into your schedule, it needs to be requested by one side and accepted by the other. That way only mutually agreed upon appointments arrive in your schedule and you do not waste any time with conversations that are not aligned with your business objectives. However, it is sometimes the connection that is not immediately obvious that create the most exciting opportunity or hidden pocket of profit. Delegates use the ABM message feature to find out why they should meet.
  4. Meet: ABM delegates meet their pre-selected business matches and potential customers or partners in a one-on-one meeting online (ABM Classic Online and ABM Without Borders) or face-to-face on the trade show floor (ABM Classic).

Better Than a Conference

Preparation is key. You know who will attend, you secure your meetings and you are guaranteed not to miss anything or anybody of importance. We remove the coincidental meeting and replace it with a custom-tailored trade show program of pre-scheduled appointments that keep your conversations focused and efficient. ABM is a hyper-productive experience and the most cost-effective method of forging direct and meaningful connections with key decision makers.

Who Participates and Why

Decision makers in the ABM Network think outside the box. They see potential in both traditional and non-traditional approaches, and, as new ABM Delegates discover, it’s sometimes the unexpected connection that generates the greatest success.

At ABM Indigenous events  you will encounter a bustling network of qualified decision makers representing:

  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities with interests ranging from procurement to investment attraction;
  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses of all sizes and industry sectors; and
  • non-profit organizations and government agencies supporting business development, export, import, training and employment.

Respectful Relationships

People come to ABM to get deals done. ABM requires all delegates to offer concrete business opportunities for discussion at the event. These include anything from strategic planning and product sales to mergers and acquisitions. ABM Delegates are also willing to offer a helping hand, be a sounding board or referral service.

The Highest Standards of Professionalism

Every ABM appointment represents a potential business opportunity. Therefore, every no-show, cancellation or pending appointment request can result in a lost opportunity. ABM delegates agree to respect each other’s business interests and commit to active engagement in the business matching process before and during the event.

“I want to thank ABM for convincing me to sign up for the event in Victoria in 2019. I had no idea how many people I would meet, and relationships I would begin and strengthen. I came away with new ideas and new prospective partnerships, and those would not have been made were I at any other event.”

Julie Budgen, Principal, Corvidae Environmental