The Most Dynamic Business Development Event in North America

The National ABM Partners Group:


ABM Lower Mainland – Canada
October 22 to 24, 2018 – Kwantlen, Katzie and Semiahmoo Territory, Langley, BC

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Advanced Business Match (ABM) connects a national network of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal decision makers to create opportunities for business, training and employment.

In 2017, 99% of delegates established new contacts anticipating post-event deals, and 1 in 5 completed concrete deals directly on the tradeshow floor.
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ABM levels the playing field to allow business connections to be made. The 2.5-day hyper-productive experience eliminates geographic barriers, condenses time requirements and reduces costs.

All business opportunities extend beyond a “simple” customer/supplier relationship, including training, employment and partnership.


How ABM Works

ABM delegates use a technology-driven online tool to set up as many as 31 pre-qualified appointments that are 20 minutes in length.

Over a 2.5-day period at the event, these appointments keep the conversation focused and efficient and help determine next steps if a business match has been made or is possible.

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Who Participates & Why

ABM offers a dynamic network of qualified decision makers representing:

• Aboriginal communities;
• non-Aboriginal communities;
• Aboriginal businesses;
• non-Aboriginal businesses; and
• non-profit organizations and government agencies supporting business development, training and employment.

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