ABM powers business and economic development success.

The Advanced Business Match (ABM) is a powerful online and in-person network that connects decision makers to create opportunities for business.

ABM combines custom technology with in-depth market knowledge to eliminate the high costs and guesswork of conventional relationship development.

By understanding the motivations and priorities of each of our members, we curate an exceedingly productive network of professionals who are motivated and ready to move their business goals forward.

The ABM Network operates with the ultimate aim of achieving regenerative economies that create equitable prosperity for all.

Our members fuse together Indigenous and non-Indigenous approaches into sophisticated business practices that apply traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and relationship-building.

Through our network, our members can realize their full potential by connecting with exceptional companies and communities in a highly concentrated way.

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The ABM Network connects in two ways:

  1. Online Profiles: First, ABM members create detailed profiles on the ABM business matching platform which serve to amplify their business goals and assets. These profiles feature business priorities, projects and partnership opportunities as well as products and services either required or offered. Members offer everything from strategic planning and product sales to partnerships and investment. ABM then curates the Network based on this information and sources organizations with complementary goals to expedite success.
  2. One-on-One Pre-Scheduled Business Development Appointments: After review of the Online Profiles, ABM members get to select appointments with each other and then meet their pre-selected business matches in one-on-one meetings either online or in person. During these appointments, ABM Members develop common ground and build relationships that bridge the gap between supply and demand, cultural backgrounds and business motivations.

We offer:

  • ABM Without Borders: ABM Without Borders are intensive online connector events designed to accelerate business, especially in times of social distancing. They offer ten 20-minute online appointments over the course of four hours. These pre-scheduled business development appointments are a forward-looking and efficient way to engage one-one-one with key decision makers otherwise not accessible. With national and international reach, ABM Without Borders catapults members into a diverse environment of ideas, shared knowledge and opportunities.
  • ABM Classic : ABM Classic Events take place in person and feature 31 20-minute appointments over two days. They are at the heart of our collaborative and forward-thinking network of positive energy but due to COVID-19, they are currently on hold.