Photo by Mike Graeme

Our Philosophy and Why Youth Registrations Are Free

ABM is an opportunity to take charge of your future.

ABM is NOT a youth initiative or career fair. Instead, ABM is a powerful online and in-person network that connects decision-makers to create opportunities for business.

At ABM opportunities are real.

You will be able to talk to decision-makers who can provide invaluable information about their field and find out firsthand from those in the trenches what their jobs look like, what educational paths supported their careers, and what their companies or communities are looking for when hiring or partnering.

Rather than meeting with the expectation of making a money-in-exchange-for-labour arrangement, we want you to create relationships with the people in charge who are truly invested in the concepts of reconciliation and social justice in business.

Because they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say and the ideas you have.

It might sound like there’s more in it for you than us. But here’s why that’s not the case. 

Canada has never been set up to support the success of Indigenous youth and it still isn’t today.

We need radical change and if that change is going to come, it’ll come from Indigenous youth and the non-Indigenous folks who choose to stand on the right side of history.

That’s what makes ABM such an incredible opportunity.

The people that make up the ABM Network use their economic power to create change through things like honesty-based partnerships and ethical profits. They work towards a future in business where Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and relationship-building are present.

I invite you to join me at ABM and make connections in a network of entities that understand that there is no “reconciliation” without Indigenous youth and that operate with the ultimate aim of achieving regenerative
economies that create equitable prosperity for all.

My name’s Thich’ala (Ace Harry) and I wrote what’s on this page. I’m an Indigenous youth, an activist, and a partner in ABM. I’ll be your main contact if you decide you want in. 

Send me an email at or shoot me a DM on insta (@thich.ala).



Photo by Mike Graeme. Thank you, Mike!