ABM Leadership Circle participants examine the topics chosen by the group and engage in courageous conversations with the explicit goal of changing the way Indigenous and non-Indigenous people live and do good business together.

ABM Leadership Circle is happy to introduce as our newest ABM collaborator, Peter McCoppin, a nationally- and internationally-recognized keynote speaker. According to Peter: “Effective leadership is defined not by position or title but by behavior that excites, inspires, and unites others to contribute their best to a common enterprise.”

Peter’s leadership skills were developed and refined over the course of 40 years as a Music Director, Conductor, host/broadcaster, and executive coach. That practical experience laid the foundation for his coaching practice and professional training program across the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. Peter has facilitated more than 80 team-building sessions in the public and private sectors and has provided executive coaching programs to Deputy Ministers, Company Presidents, Olympic athletes.

The ABM Leadership Circle is a professional development tool that provides space for peer dialogue with the goal to energize and spark new ideas.

Participants for September 13th

  1. Thich’ala (Ace) Harry, Partner, ABM (Conversation Catalyst)
  2. Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry), Partner, ABM (Facilitator)
  3. Peter McCoppin, Principal, McCoppin Enterprises (Facilitator)