ABM Uncensored Online participants examine the topics chosen by the group and engage in courageous conversations with the explicit goal of changing the way Indigenous and non-Indigenous people live and do good business together.

This workshop is not for the faint of heart. The dialogue can be disturbing. Cringing is a part of the experience.

ABM Uncensored Online is a staple networking opportunity at ABM that aims to connect you meaningfully with other ABM Members. It is designed to take the conversation below the surface of political correctness in a confidential and generous environment. Participants gain a deeper understanding of each other’s roles, backgrounds, priorities, and motivations, which later supports productive business development during the meetings.

Participants for March 1st

  1. Nav Chattha, Economic Development Coordinator, Township of Langley
  2. Robert (Bobby) Daniels, President/CEO, Misty Ventures Inc.
  3. Pauline Goertzen, Community Development Advisor, VisionQuest Advisor
  4. Thich’ala (Ace) Harry, Partner, ABM (Facilitator)
  5. Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry), Partner, ABM (Facilitator)
  6. Paul Heebner, Solar Consultant, EVOLVSolar
  7. Stan Higgins, Owner, VersaPile, Inc.
  8. Daniel Lacovetsky, Owner, Powertec Electric, Inc.
  9. Jenny Logan, Regional Sales Manager (Atlantic Region), Superior Propane
  10. Chris Maxfield, CEO, Indigeno Travel International
  11. Peter McCoppin, Principal, McCoppin Enterprises
  12. Paul Mitchell, Account Manager, TLC Solutions
  13. Jaime Montour, Owner, JLM Professional Outsource
  14. Doug Myles, Superior Propane
  15. Miles Reid, Special Projects Officer, Serpent River Economic Development Corporation
  16. Scott Rennie, Business Development Officer, City of Greater Sudbury
  17. Cody Sisco, Sales Manager, Total Support Solutions