Floor Plan

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Booth Assignments 

Booth Assignments

Ship to:
Langley Events Centre
7888 200 Street, Langley, BC, V2Y 3J4

Please mark package with:
Event Name: ABMI: Lower Mainland
Date: November 18-20
Attention: Kaycee Mitchell
Phone Number: 604-455-8885
Notes: Gate 1

All outgoing shipments from the Langley Events Centre require materials to be packaged with a return address label and a completed weigh bill attached. Delegates are responsible for arranging the return shipment before 5 pm on Wednesday, November 20. Be sure to note the shipping confirmation number to trace your freight. Your items can be left for pick up at the ABM registration desk.

The Langley Event Centre has asked to be repectful of their outside food and beverage policies and retain from bringing these items into the facility.

Booth Set-Up

  • All companies are “stationary” during ABM appointment periods and are provided with a 8′ x 10′ trade show booth (black pipe and drape), a 6′ table, tablecloth and four chairs.
  • Wifi access and power are provided at each booth.
  • The tradeshow booth functions as the Exhibitor’s office. How the space is set up is up to the exhibitor. Video without audio is permitted.
  • Representatives of communities do NOT have a booth and move through the trade show from appointment to appointment.

IMPORTANT FOR EXHIBITORS: When companies have appointments with other companies one of the parties needs to leave its booth. If your appointment schedule shows a booth number, you need to meet your business match at its booth.

Move-In and Move-Out

  • Exhibitor set-up and registration at the  Langley Events Center takes place on Monday, October 22 from 1 pm to 8 pm and on Tuesday, October 23 from 8 am to 9 am.
  • ABM officially starts with the opening breakfast at 9 am on Tuesday.
  • The first appointment (number nine) takes place on the trade show floor on Tuesday at 10.30 am SHARP.
  • Booth numbers correspond to numbers detailed in the appointment schedule. After each appointment, music is played and community representatives move on to the next booth and the next appointment as detailed in their schedules.

Trade Show Etiquette

ABM appointments are treated just like any other meeting in a business setting. It is expected that ABM Delegates are on time and prepared. Delegates are asked to efficiently move from appointment to appointment in order to allow the next meeting to take place.


ABM Delegates are expected to attend all appointments in their schedule. If, for some unexpected reason, an appointment cannot be honored, ABM Delegates are expected to use the e-message center to communicate, cancel and reschedule the meeting. All ABM Delegates are provided with a no-show report sheet that can be submitted to the event management team at the end of each trade show day.

No-shows may result in the rejection of future ABM applications.