“Over the past year, with the shift from the traditional in-person tradeshow and networking events to online events, the ABM platform has been the most effective.”
– Tim Brennan, Chief Visionary Officer, Fit First Technologies Inc.

ABM is exceedingly productive.

“In ABM’s curated online environment, I can make valuable connections that would take much more extensive effort otherwise. ABM accelerates business development.”
– Robert Lacey, President, Delta Remediation

“ABM’s technology-facilitated business matching and event-centric meeting scheduling system is unparalleled and offers customized opportunities to efficiently and effectively connect businesses and organizations. The ABM Team invests tirelessly to provide a welcoming and constructive environment that supports the success of Indigenous business and communities. It is key opportunities such as ABM Lower Mainland that have seeded mutual interest in new conversations around social innovation, mutually valued project opportunities and economic prosperity.”
– Val Gafka, Senior Manager, Economic Investment & Development, Township of Langley

“The onset of the COVID pandemic seriously complicated the process of relationship-building. However, through the ABM Network, we are now seeing tangible benefits and growing relationships. We currently have a number of ongoing discussions as a result from ABM meetings and, as we emerge from COVID restrictions, expect to enter contracts with these new potential clients in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. With ABM’s refocused online platform, we are able to reasonably commit to growing our base of clients in both number and region and, at the same time, add value for all parties in the ABM Network by bringing opportunities together.”
– Jay Savage, Principal, VisionQuest Advisory

“The ABM team does a fantastic job connecting organizations. Furthermore, they were able to adapt during the pandemic to deliver a great online format.”
– David Genest, Business Development Manager – Western Canada, Global Fuels

ABM is highly efficient and cost-effective.

“It’s a brilliant way in a short period of time to meet as many businesses as you want to meet to try and do business with. If you are looking at working in Indigenous communities and with Indigenous organizations there’s nothing better than this. You absolutely get to sit down and just talk and figure out if there’s a connection if not. I wish this was a mainstream model for business networking, I think we’d get a whole lot more business.”
– Cori Maedel, Chief Executive Officer, Jouta Performance Group

“I’m really glad that we found the ABM platform. It’s a very organized and focused way to connect with Indigenous and non-Indigenous decision-makers across Canada to learn more about them and the opportunities for growth and partnership. For us it’s more than just one-dimensional. We’ve also really enjoyed the Uncensored sessions hosted by Qwastenaya (L. Maynard Harry) and Thich’ala (Ace Harry) where we dig more into the complexities of working in the Indigenous business space and connect 1-on-1 in a more meaningful way.”
– Michael Daciw, Partner, EvolvSolar

“Conferences are a bit different these days. If you have not heard of the Advanced Business Match virtual events we highly recommend you look into it. Our participation in the ABM Network has been such a great value to the Morris Interactive team as it helps us connect with organizations all over North America.”
– Chris Cey, Director of Business Development, Morris Interactive

“I have been attending ABM in person and online consistently since 2014. ABM is an effective forum to create and maintain relationships and to do business.”
– Gavin Domitter, Indigenous Relations & Business Development, Milestone Environmental Contracting

ABM events are built around a curated, vetted network of high-quality opportunities.

“Manitoulin Hotel & Conference Centre is a member of the ABM client network and a user of the ABM system. Our participation has allowed us to maintain and grow our business relationships with our fellow Indigenous and non-indigenous business during these ever-changing times and facilitates continued growth and opportunities. Chi Miigwetch ABM!”
Corey Stacinski, General Manager, Manitoulin Hotel

““The Collaborations and Partnerships in Tourism event was one of the best Without Borders events I’ve attended. The incredibly qualified group of attendees were really worth my time and I feel like there will be excellent relationships coming out of it. Everyone had done their homework and were ready to talk about opportunities. Thanks, ABM!”
– Nick Ward, CEO, The Update Company

“I have been attending ABM since 2012. Every time I attend, I walk away with something positive and useful. Because the people who attend ABM tend to be very engaged, dynamic, and entrepreneurial in their approach, it is often the appointment that I do not expect much from that offers surprising benefits and opportunities. ABM helps us to move our key economic objectives forward by understanding our priorities and introducing us to the right companies and decision-makers.”
– Cindy Stern, CEO, Nanoose Economic Development Corporation (Snaw-Naw-As First Nation, Nanoose, BC, Canada)

“I have been very impressed since joining ABM about 3 weeks ago. The ABM team is responsive, helpful and patient. I can attend their events knowing I have their support. The technology has worked wonderfully for me. It makes it easy to participate in events. The quality of the contacts I am making in ABM events is far beyond what I would have expected. This platform really does connect me to a large number of quality contacts in both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.”
– Barry Davis, President, Barry Davis Consulting Inc.

“ABM is a well-oiled machine! The customer service is outstanding. They provide all of us members the opportunity to fulfil our business needs by taking the time to understand our connection interests. We have successfully signed an agreement and have gotten our first order from a First Nation we have met  at ABM. ABM’s network and driven team brings in endless opportunities to network nationwide.”
– Doug Beange, Director of Business Development, Levert Group

ABM is about building effective, long-lasting relationships.

“There is no instrument for building Indigenous economies anywhere. What the ABM has done for non-Indigenous people who want to partner and develop business in this space is greater than any other influence I’m aware of. I have helped build three successful businesses through the ABM since 2012!”
– Marc Storms, Co-Founder, NATIONS Wellness

“The ABM team were wonderful – friendly and very helpful. Maynard included me in a lunch meeting where the focus was on personal sharing and not just business networking which I really appreciated. Meeting people during the networking opportunities that occur at breakfast and lunch can be hugely beneficial in ways that are not easily quantifiable, so I encourage delegates to take advantage of those opportunities.”
– Jack Olson, Liaison / Client Development, First Nations Communities & Organizations, Pinchin

“ABM reached out to me on Wednesday and gave me the opportunity to join the Environmental Services in Oil & Gas event the next day. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity! Everyone I spoke to was very knowledgeable, respectful and genuinely supportive of wanting to see our startup succeed. I learned new things about the industry, made connections I plan to continue, and am changing our team’s short-term roadmap as a result of feedback and learnings from this event. Our team has already scheduled follow-up calls with some people we met and we are looking forward to seeing the results come to fruition!”
– Daniel Olshansky, CEO, GetSoils Inc.

Attending multiple ABM events pays off over time.

“It’s different from a convention where you’re just wandering booths or being at a booth with people wandering by that’s not structured. It’s more productive. We always get something out of every event and sometimes we will get something a year and a half later from something that started here [at ABM]. Over time, it’s got a good return.”
– Jen Rollins, Director of Lead Generation, The Update Company

“We became an ABM member in August and have derived high relational value from our participation already. Since attending ABM Without Borders, our company has seen significant value through meetings with Indigenous communities, their businesses, and other suppliers by way of ABM’s facilitating business introductions across the country. As a small company who values developing customized solutions for a client’s unique needs to move sustainably towards their vision, ABM is a sophisticated and experienced business development tool we will continue to use now, and in the future. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment.”
– Katrina Elliot, Owner and Founder, Four Corners Management Consulting

“As Aboriginal Communities we each must re-invent ourselves when it comes to economic development. For the short term, we must buy our capacity – for the long term, we must think strategically and have education and economic development contiguous with each other to help us reach our visions. ABM provides the ways and means to expose ourselves to other experiences to gather the information and data to allow us to plan and meet the future.”
– Les Clayton, Business Management, Laxgalts’ap Village Government

ABM In-Person vs. ABM Connectors Online

“The ABM Online Connectors so far have been more effective than the traditional ABMs we’ve participated in.”
– Yuho Okada, President, Barkley Project Group

“I have attended many ABM Classics over the years. In October, I attended ABM Online for the first time and found it to be better. Every contact I made was highly relevant as only decision-makers with a stake or interest in tourism attended. While ABM Classic events were focused, this one was distilled. I also found the experience to be more relaxing as there was no need to physically transition between appointments, no other people to wave at and so on. ABM Online was four hours of unobstructed relationship development time.”
Brenda Baptiste, Chair, Indigenous Tourism BC

At ABM, people support each other in achieving success.

“The event today was amazing! I can already see some opportunities brewing, and to be able to connect with people that I never organically would have is awesome! The members were all so accommodating, and even if we were not a ‘match’ they were offering mentorship and ideas of who would be better suited. So collaborative and forward-thinking, it was refreshing!”
– Cathy Lawrence, Land Development Manager, Terra Developments Inc.

“I am an Indigenous woman from Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation in Ontario, Canada.  I am a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario and opened my business in October 2019; however, my business was impacted by COVID-19, leaving me discouraged.

I was introduced to the ABM Network and have participated in three events hosted by the organization since joining in November 2020.

My opportunities have motivated me to focus on my market and I am connecting virtually which allows me further development on my presentation skills.  I am advertising my experiences, my skills, and knowledge which may result in partnership engagement, client referrals, or professional referrals to address needs that can be pursued within my community.

ABM is a National network, so I am exposed to many organizations across Canada which allows me to develop a broader network of opportunities.

ABM helps me identify services that will make me money and bridge gaps needed within my business.

I am still new to the network and have already connected with decision makers across Canada who may become clients, partners, or peer mentors.  The ABM Team is furthering my business development by arranging meetings with peer mentors to accomplish concrete tasks that will take me onto the next stage of my business.

My participation with ABM is free, so if you are Indigenous and thinking about starting your own business or are stuck in the process like I was, I strongly encourage you to contact ABM and get involved in the events offered.  You will not be disappointed.

Meet with me at one of the ABM Without Borders events and let’s help each other grow!”
Jaime L. Montour, Owner, JLM Professional Outsource