97% of our Delegates say they received value from our events; 98% plan to attend again.  Here’s their feedback on what makes ABM an effective network to do business.

ABM is hyper-productive.

“Raven Events’ technology-facilitated business matching and event-centric meeting scheduling system is unparalleled and offers customized opportunities to efficiently and effectively connect businesses and organizations… The Raven Events team invests tirelessly to provide a welcoming and constructive environment that supports the success of Indigenous business and communities. It is key opportunities such as ABM Lower Mainland that have seeded mutual interest in new conversations around social innovation, mutually valued project opportunities and economic prosperity.”

Val Gafka, Senior Manager, Economic Investment & Development, Township of Langley- Co-Host, ABM Indigenous: Lower Mainland

“ABM Indigenous: East provided an incredible opportunity to the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, to meet with Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs to learn more about their unique economic development goals and aspirations. It is in the spirit of engagement and exchange of knowledge that we hope to build strong education and economic and workforce development partnerships. We couldn’t have had this opportunity in just 2.5 days without the highly productive and structured approach that ABM offered. The location was perfect and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate ABM organizers and Raven Events team’s work, who were fabulous in curating the whole process: from information to registration to welcoming and matching prospective partners. Thank you!”

Sana Mulji Dutt, Senior Advisor, External Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: East 2019

“My mission is to create awareness of our National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference among Indigenous communities and businesses from all over Canada. This was the perfect forum for me to meet Vancouver Island nations, communities and businesses in one location, at one event. The organizers know how to efficiently and respectfully facilitate the relationships I’m looking for. I came away with new contacts and relationships in an incredibly productive experience.”

Lisa Marin, Operations and Sales Manager, National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference & Delegate, ABM Vancouver Island 2019

ABM works at any stage of economic development. 

“We have attended ABM twice so far. The first time we obtained information and developed a better understanding of the opportunities out there for us. Based on what we learned, we moved forward. When we returned to ABM a year later, we were much further ahead and our conversations on the trade show floor became more concrete. We are now getting ready to develop projects and ventures and expect to transform potential into deals at the next ABM. Our success shows that ABM is of value no matter what stage of economic development a community may be at.”

Michelle Shephard, Economic Development Officer, Eagle Lake First Nation
 & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: East

ABM is highly efficient and cost-effective.

“It’s a brilliant way in a short period of time to meet as many businesses as you want to meet to try and do business with. If you are looking at working in Indigenous communities and with Indigenous organizations there’s nothing better than this. You absolutely get to sit down and just talk and figure out if there’s a connection if not. I wish this was a mainstream model for business networking, I think we’d get a whole lot more business.”

Cori Maedel, Chief Executive Officer, Jouta Performance Group &
ABM Delegate since 2012

“The speed-dating format was perfect for our needs, with the 20-minute meetings allowing us to maximize our opportunities to meet with as many delegates as possible. The ABM environment and structure is a great fit for the work we are doing to support and grow the Indigenous economy.”

Troy Deck, MNP & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Alberta 2019

“We had our whole team onsite and made some good connections.  We like the efficiency and structure of the business matching format and the 20-minute meetings are the right length. We’ll be back next year!”


Guy Lonechild, CEO, First Nations Power Authority & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Alberta 2019


“I would not even call ABM a trade show. The event with its preparation online and one-on-one meetings is much more efficient and allows to make truly valuable connections in a short period of time.”

Shane Matson, Sustainability Manager, Newmont Goldcorp
 & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: East

ABM events are built around a curated, vetted network of high quality opportunities.

“We were more than pleased with our experience. The ABM team were diligent in helping us maximize our exposure and connections at the event. We met some excellent potential partners and are happily following-up with the conversations we started. We’ll be back!”

Damin Massicotte, TRINUS Technologies & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Alberta 2019

“Integrated Project Management attended its first ABM Indigenous Event in Toronto in 2019.  What a success! The event was very well organized and allowed for multiple opportunities to network. The delegates were as serious about business as we are. The matches and schedule approach to the event contributed to the success as much as the quality of the delegates themselves. We will be attending future events for sure! Meegwetch! ABM.”

Debra Donovan, President, Integrated Project Management Inc.
& Delegate, ABM Indigenous: East

“I was hesitant about signing up at first because I wasn’t familiar with this type of format, but I’m glad I did. I really appreciate the structure because it allows me to see who’s attending ahead of time and learn more about them before requesting meetings. The online engagement helped focus our in-person time and it made the whole experience very productive. I found new opportunities and got the chance to interact with current clients too, which is important for my business growth. Thanks, ABM, for a rewarding experience.”

Liana Frenette, CEO, TBT Engineering & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Ontario North 2019

“I feel like the quality of entrepreneur that I’ve met here has been high, personable, with a genuine intention to meet my clients on the level of equals and that’s not always the case [at other events].”

Drew Mildon – Partner, Woodward & Co LLP – National ABM Partner

ABM is about building effective, long-lasting relationships.

“The ABM team were wonderful – friendly and very helpful. Maynard included me in a lunch meeting where the focus was on personal sharing and not just business networking which I really appreciated. Meeting people during the networking opportunities that occur at breakfast and lunch can be hugely beneficial in ways that are not easily quantifiable, so I encourage delegates to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Jack Olson, Liaison / Client Development, First Nations Communities & Organizations, Pinchin & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Alberta 2019

“I want to thank David for convincing me to sign up for ABM in Victoria in 2019. I had no idea how many people I would meet, and relationships I would begin and strengthen. I came away with new ideas and new prospective partnerships, and those would not have been made were I at any other event.”

Julie Budgen, Principal, Corvidae Environmental & Delegate, VIEA Business Match 2019

“We pride ourselves on a relationship-building, client-centred approach in our business, and we appreciate that ABM has the same focus. The intimate format of ABM events mean that we can create quality relationships with people whose needs we can meet. It fits our business model and it’s cost effective because it’s so targeted. We met new prospective partners, but we also got to grow existing relationships with current clients. We found the ABM team to be really supportive both in helping us match online and in facilitating our participation in the event.”

Derek Wold, General Manager, Armour Safety Consulting and Training & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Prairies 2019 

Attending multiple ABM events pays off over time.

“It’s different from a convention where you’re just wandering booths or being at a booth with people wandering by that’s not structured. It’s more productive. We always get something out of every event and sometimes we will get something a year and a half later from something that started here [at ABM]. Over time, it’s got a good return.”

Jen Rollins, Director of Lead Generation, The Update Company – National ABM Partner

At ABM, people support each other in achieving success.

“As delegates attending ABM Indigenous: East we are extremely satisfied with the opportunity. It was a pleasure to build relationships and was an experience that offered much more then we had expected. It was humbling, reflective, educational and inspirational.  We are proud to be participants of an association that builds a better future for all.”

Manfred and Teresa Klotz- Owners, Windabout Enterprises Inc
& Delegate, ABM Indigenous: East

“ABM is a unique event that allows you to network in a fast-paced environment—building relationships along the way. Business is why we come to conferences like this, but it’s the experience that we take away that is impactful.  I believe this event, rooted in community, gives you hope and optimism with every match you have.  I accomplished exactly what I set out to do: raise awareness about the trucking industry. Thank you to ABM for being exceptional hosts and thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a great success.”

Jordan Ewart, Policy Analyst, Saskatchewan Trucking Association & Delegate, ABM Indigenous: Prairies

“The event today was amazing! I can already see some opportunities brewing, and to be able to connect with people that I never organically would have is awesome! The members were all so accommodating, and even if we were not a ‘match’ they were offering mentorship and ideas of who would be better suited. So collaborative and forward thinking, it was refreshing!”

Cathy Lawrence, Land Development Manager, Terra Developments Inc., ABM Without Borders: Land Use Planning, Real Estate, and Land Development