Chief Lee Crowchild

ABM announces new partnership with Tsuut’ina Nation

We are pleased to share exciting news with the ABM network. We are partnering with the Tsuut’ina Nation to host our 2019 ABM Indigenous: Alberta event at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino near Calgary. ABM Alberta takes place October 21 – 23.

ABM Managing Partner Katrin Harry is especially thrilled to confirm this new partnership because, in her words, “Treaty 7 Territory is a hub for economic activity that influences Indigenous business across the province and beyond. Calgary is the province’s major economic centre. The region around Calgary is the location for several significant projects in varying stages of development. This makes the location fertile ground to produce a highly productive business development event.”

Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry), Partner, Raven Events (who produce Advanced Business Match) says this partnership fulfills ABM’s mission to provide curated business development focused on the business priorities of Indigenous communities within the regions our events are held. “Partnering with the Tsuut’ina Nation in Alberta sets the tone for ABM Alberta. It shows our commitment to supporting Tsuut’ina’s economic goals, and it allows us to promote them to our national network, increasing their profile even further.”

Tsuut’ina Nation’s Chief is Lee Crowchild. He is a third generation Xakiji whose accolades include being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” from the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and receiving the Khot-La-Cha Award from the University of British Columbia. He’s the past chair of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society Board of Directors.

“Our mandate is to serve our people,” says Chief Crowchild. “We focus our efforts on development that provides for our community in ways that mirror our Nation’s values and priorities. We engage with potential partners who understand what relationship-building means to us, and ABM provides the environment of trust and mutual understanding that we want. We can come to the table knowing they have vetted qualified businesses who are ready to do deals in a respectful way.”

The Tsuut’ina Nation’s economic portfolio includes Tsuut’ina Mechanical Services (Gas Stop), TsuuT’ina Contracting Limited Partnership, Sarcee Gravel Products, Property Management, Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club, Sarcee Developments and TsuuT’ina Energy. They have also created the Tsuut’ina Nation Small Business Initiative (SBI) Program, created to increase economic participation and community progress by encouraging greater entrepreneurship and growth of small businesses. Clients consist of Tsuut’ina Nation members and existing small business owners, including community youth. The Program provides training, skills development and guidance on investment and loan application processes.

Darrin Jamieson is the CEO of Tsuut’ina Businesses, the parent company of the Tsuut’ina Economic Portfolio. He says “the Tsuut’ina Nation have always been a hardworking people.  Our vision is focused on building a prosperous future for the Tsuut’ina.  We believe that business development that aligns with our cultural values is a key driver to sustainable economic growth. Advanced Business Match offers a great opportunity to bring our business people together with potential industry partners to advance relations, leading to meaningful and full participation in the Canadian economy.  Tsuut’ina is strategically located in southwest Calgary and as such, provides immediate access to a substantial marketplace, as well as a willing partner for not just Canadian business partners, but other Indigenous Nations throughout the region and beyond.”

We at ABM see this partnership as a fresh injection of energy and connections into our Alberta event. We are looking forward to meeting new communities and people, and we invite you to join us. Learn more and register at this link.

A reminder: ABM provides the first 20 Indigenous communities (First Nations and Métis) with free registration for every event; as well as Indigenous youth under 25, and Indigenous start-up entrepreneurs, with a focus on Indigenous women-led start ups. If you know of an Indigenous business or community who would benefit from our network and events, please let us know.

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