ABM can be a game-changer for you!

The support of Indigenous entrepreneurship is important to us.

If you are an Indigenous individual, a start-up entrepreneur, pre-revenue and in business for less than three years, have a conversation with us about how to structure your ABM participation.

Tap into a dynamic and focused network to discuss your plans, receive concrete feedback, and expand your horizon of ideas and approaches.

Meet with potential partners, mentors, customers, and service providers.

Learn about supply chain opportunities and how to access them. Find engaged peers who have been there done that!

Working with the ABM Curation team, you can form concrete business relationships that help you move into your next stage of business development.

How does it work?

ABM works for Indigenous start-ups as it does for any company or community.

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Call Kaycee at 604-483-3532 or email info@advancedbusinessmatch.com to get involved!


“I am an Indigenous woman from Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation in Ontario, Canada.  I am a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario and opened my business in October 2019; however, my business was impacted by COVID-19, leaving me discouraged. I was introduced to the ABM Network and have participated in three events hosted by the organization since joining in November 2020.

My opportunities have motivated me to focus on my market and I am connecting virtually which allows me further development on my presentation skills.  I am advertising my experiences, my skills, and knowledge which may result in partnership engagement, client referrals, or professional referrals to address needs that can be pursued within my community.

ABM is a National network, so I am exposed to many organizations across Canada which allows me to develop a broader network of opportunities. ABM helps me identify services that will make me money and bridge gaps needed within my business.

I am still new to the network and have already connected with decision-makers across Canada who may become clients, partners, or peer mentors.  The ABM Team is furthering my business development by arranging meetings with peer mentors to accomplish concrete tasks that will take me onto the next stage of my business.

My participation with ABM is free, so if you are Indigenous and thinking about starting your own business or are stuck in the process like I was, I strongly encourage you to contact ABM and get involved in the events offered.  You will not be disappointed.

Meet with me at one of the ABM Without Borders events and let’s help each other grow!”
– Jaime L. Montour, Owner, JLM Professional Outsource