ABM can be a game changer for you!

Your registration can be FREE if you are an Indigenous entrepreneur and have been in business 3 years or less!
We also employ a barter-system style of trade, a method made possible by the multidimensional relationships that make up the fabric of ABM.
The benefits of these trades are often passed on to those in our network that may have a need but not the financial resources to meet it.
Each trade is specific to the need and the offering of the business, community, or entrepreneur.


Meet with potential partners, mentors, customers, and service providers.

Tap into a dynamic and focused network to discuss your plans, receive concrete feedback, and expand your horizon of ideas and approaches.

Learn about supply chain opportunities and how to access them while finding engaged peers who have been there done that!

Form concrete business relationships that help you move your business goals forward!

How does it work?

Just like any company or community, you apply by completing your online profile.

Once approved, you log into your online portal to review the other profiles.

You can then select appointments with decision-makers that are of specific interest. You will also receive incoming appointment requests which you either accept or decline.


Call Kaycee or Christina with the ABM team at 604-483-3532 or email info@advancedbusinessmatch.com to get involved!