SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures safe, non-toxic lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries providing clean, reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions.

In addition to designing and manufacturing batteries and energy storage solutions, SimpliPhi provides support throughout the entire project life cycle including – but not limited to: concept design and feasibility, sales and applications engineering, shipping and procurement, administrative support, technical support and training, and battery end-of-life strategy for reuse and recycling.


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    Simpliphi operates globally. Check out their deployments.

    Their batteries are approved for indoor storage which is essential in cold climates. The batteries can be used to power anything from a small cabin (which may be a solution for tourism products in remote locations) to large community centres that use solar panels or another form of power generation. While working internationally with many Indigenous communities, Simpliphi is just starting the process of project development in Canada.

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