NRG-Staples JV is a registered Aboriginal joint venture partnership between Naut’sa mawt Resources Group Inc. and Staples Canada Inc., born from the recognition of a demand for the provision of print services and office supplies to the government of Canada by an Aboriginal vender.

This exciting joint venture, 51% owned by Naut’sa mawt combines Naut’sa mawt’s experience as an Aboriginal supplier of services to the Federal government with Staples experience and expertise in digital printing and office supplies together under one unique Aboriginal organization. Currently we are offering digital and business card print services as well as office supplies and office furniture to government, NGOs and private business.


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    Very cool! A great option for anyone seeking a new look for their promotional items. I hope we can see some of the work that has come out of this JV at your booth at ABM Indigenous: Vancouver Island!

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