Indigeno Travel is a business with an economic and a social mission: to create meaningful careers for Indigenous People, send much-needed revenue to Indigenous communities and to provide savings for its Indigenous and non-Indigenous customers. We are Canada’s leading edge Indigenous-owned national travel agency.

Our goals at ABM are to speak with those companies and government entities that have embraced the Truth & Reconciliation Report’s, Calls to Action. For corporations, Indigeno’s suite of travel services and products can match any national or international-based travel companies. Using Indigeno allows companies to demonstrate that they are progressive, forward-thinking and willing to commit to working with Indigenous businesses. And, Indigeno is the ‘path of least resistance’ when it comes to participating in reconciliation. No need for environmental assessments or lengthy negotiations…use our products and services that very same day. We provide the company(s) with the Indigeno logo, the company provides theirs to us and we both promote our working together and explain that, rightfully so, this company deserves recognition for its commitment to employing Indigenous People in Canada.


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