ESS Support Services is the Canadian market leader in remote full-service hospitality management. ESS is Gold certified in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations Program. Our Aboriginal Joint Venture program reflects our commitment to developing true partnerships with local communities in the regions where we do business. In addition to sharing in the profits flowing from local operations, local communities benefit from our preferred Aboriginal hiring and supplier policies.



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    ESS has been a part of the ABM Network for many years and we are excited to welcome them back to the ABMI West event! They have built long-standing relationships with several of the communities who have participated in the ABM events throughout Canada. ESS has established joint ventures that build capacity, offer opportunities and strengthen the economy.

    There is potential for ESS to collaborate with like-minded decision makers of companies who can work together on upcoming projects, not only business to business but also within the Indigenous communities. So whether you’re a community or a company, I suggest sitting with ESS to expand your network and share your experiences.

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