We understand how to deliver  infrastructure.

Colliers Project Leaders is Canada’s largest Project Management/Owners Representative firm. We are founded on a single powerful idea: a dedicated project leader working on your behalf to provide certainty of success.

We know that trust is earned and not given. We listen. We consult. We are humble. We don’t presume to understand the challenges of Indigenous communities, but we invest the time to understand and work with the community to develop plans to address them. We understand that trust, transparency, culture, and traditions are significant. We understand how to navigate bureaucratic funding and approval regimes. We understand that owners and funders need to be on the same page.

Clean drinking water, schools, clinics, and access to safe housing; these are all important to communities. And as we said, we understand how to deliver this infrastructure.


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    Infrastructure is a major issue for all communities but it is of amplified importance and heightened urgency in Indigenous communities. If you are in a leadership position in an Indigenous community, you do not need us to tell you more. Meet with Colliers Project Leaders at ABMI to see what they know after working for and partnering with over 75 Indigenous communities across the country.

    What we also found very encouraging when talking to James Heigh, who will be Colliers’ representative in Kamloops in May, is that he agrees with us that relationships with communities are not transactional but multi-dimensional and that working with Indigenous businesses and employing Indigenous professionals are two of those dimensions.

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