AFD Petroleum hopes to meet key decision makers from within the Indigenous Communities of BC.  We’d like to gain a better understanding of current and future opportunities, engage as partners of Indigenous Communities in upcoming projects, employee recruitment connections and also gain general exposure of our services.  We are also looking forward to the networking opportunities with other companies that desire our services.


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    AFD Petroleum is a customer focused leader of independently marketed fuel and lubricants and has built a reputation for understanding and overcoming the many challenges of the industries. Whether you’re looking to purchase fuel for your home or business, AFD Petroleum will go above and beyond to ensure your product is not only delivered efficiently, but will provide you with access to online safety data for each of their products, state of the art monitoring and 24hr customer support.

    Whether you’re in the construction, mining, forestry, agriculture or drilling industry, I would suggest you take the time to meet with AFD Petroleum to discuss their “Award Lubricants” and how they can enhance your equipment efficiency.

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