Opportunities in Sustainable and Regenerative Design and Construction – US and Canada

  • Tuesday, September 7
  • Thursday, December 2
  • Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • Thursday, June 2, 2022

  • Want to know how to build this office building called “The Riel” for less than $180,000 and get support to acquire the funding? Talk to ABM Powerhouse Member VersaPile at this event.
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In partnership with Gaia Inspired Design & Consulting 

The world of design and construction are drastically changing. Regenerative spaces that align with people’s businesses, lifestyle, vision, and personal wellness are becoming increasingly important.

We are connecting design and construction professionals who are dedicated to supporting the planet using a carbon-smart approach balanced with global equity.

You should attend if you offer or are looking for:

  • Expertise in sustainable design and/or architecture;
  • Sustainable or regenerative construction expertise;
  • Environmental remediation products and services;
  • Educational resources;
  • Equipment and supplies;
  • Architectural services and products;
  • Technology and biotechnology in the design and construction sectors; 

Sustainable and Regenerative Philosophy:

Gaia Inspired Philosophy creates opportunity and safety to reconnect, recharge and rediscover our best lives. Intuitional and intentional connection with, and stewardship of, the physical space and adjoined land, naturally curates wonder to support the health and wellbeing of oneself and community. Gaia inspired  is based on knowing how buildings naturally belong and fit harmoniously in a space, in an environment, a moment and culture which results in the experience of the people living and working in buildings and feeling a sense of connection to the space and to each other. This begins and ends with awareness of how we regenerate the earth, our buildings, and our bodies for optimal wellness.

About Gaia Inspired Design & Consulting: 

Blending our backgrounds in sustainable design, architecture and regenerative land practices has opened a pathway for gaia inspired design and consulting that integrates our human and planetary experience.

If our experiences have revealed anything,  it is that we are incredibly passionate about the connections that underlie our communities that build lives of dignity and legacy. Our diverse backgrounds in sustainability, interior architecture and design, business psychology, education, program development, community design, community facilitation, consulting, and conscious sacred spaces allows us  to collaborate on wellness design, intelligent spaces and community projects, with deep connections to earth and people, and an innate understanding of how to co-create a future where they can regenerate each other.

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Managing Partner with ABM
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