Opportunities in Northern Ontario



  • Tuesday, May  18
  • Tuesday, August 3
  • Thursday, November 4
  • Thursday, February 3

We are thrilled to present this series in partnership with longtime ABMers Sagamok and the City of Greater Sudbury!

The opportunities for business in Northern Ontario are diverse. While mining is a key economic sector, opportunities are also exist in

  • business and professional services;
  • cleantech and environmental;
  • film and creative industries;
  • health care and life sciences;
  • manufacturing and industry;
  • mining supply services;
  • research and innovation;
  • tourism;
  • and more!

Northern Ontario’s industries and supply chains offer multidimensional opportunities for business development and partnerships.

This event is relevant to companies and communities that are in Northern Ontario and want to reach out, as well as those who want to connect into this region.

The Opportunities – May 18

  • Buy a small Canadian company with strong IP looking to transition from manufacturing to selling or licensing their patented brand and product.
  • Meet your housing needs with a long-standing , Manitoba-based company that has been working with Manitoba First Nations for years. They are looking for new clients but also for any connection that will support them servicing the Ontario market effectively!
  • The City of Greater Sudbury is the largest municipality in Northern Ontario. The Invest Sudbury team will be at hand to answer your questions one-on-one and provide information about the region, its businesses, opportunities, incentives, available commercial real estate etc. etc. etc.
  • First Nations Bank of Canada is on hand to discuss your banking and capital needs.
  • Enhance your team’s cultural competence by working with with an Indigenous company providing training that will add to your knowledge of Canada’s history, legacy and Indigenous peoples.  This will support productive relationships in the Indigenous business space.
  • Connect with one of the largest independent recruitment agencies in Canada that offers personnel solutions for employers and employment opportunities for individuals in heavy industries such as mining, oil & gas, and the marine sector.
  • Work with a supplier that offers innovative power and heating solutions, including green solutions that integrates with solar generation, for your community and industrial sites that reduces your overall costs and emissions.
  • Procure an Indigenous full-service drilling company that has an operating presence in BC and the Yukon that is expanding into Ontario.
  • Make connections with environmental services companies that offer products, services and partnership opportunities to create new revenue streams in remediation. This includes partnership opportunities with a company that specializes in growing native plants for habitat construction, restoration and reclamation projects.
  • Connect with a leading Indigenous development corporation from Saskatchewan that operates a variety of business streams and is looking for partners in Ontario to achieve growth!
  • Work with a consulting company that is characterized by ever-evolving efforts to understand the realities, challenges and opportunities that are present in Indigenous communities. They work with dozens of Nations in Canada and have reach into the US.
  • Hire an Indigenous payroll company that is headquartered in Guelph and provides services internationally.
  • Connect with a Nation that has the following development priorities: Mining, Retail, Grocery Retail, Agriculture, Training, Technology
  • Work with an Indigenous company that installs foundations that don’t move and last for generations. They also offer housing technology that enable people to build high-efficiency, quality homes faster, easier and for less cost.

Procurement Needs – May 18

  • welders, fabricators, carpenters and other trades for subcontracting;
  • engineers;
  • surveyors;
  • trucking companies specializing in home hauling;
  • staging area and associated services between Sioux Lookout and Pickle Lake.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more! Katrin Harry, Managing Partner with ABM,  at 1-604-483-6421 or katrin@advancedbusinessmatch.com.

“ABM is a well-oiled machine! The customer service is outstanding. They provide all of us members the opportunity to fulfil our business needs by taking the time to understand our connection interests. We have successfully signed an agreement and have gotten our first order from a First Nation we have met  at ABM. ABM’s network and driven team brings in endless opportunities to network nationwide.”

Doug Beange, Director of Business Development, Levert Group, Sudbury, ON