The National ABM Partners Group is a dynamic circle of Indigenous and corporate leaders from across the country who use ABM to collaborate, driving business development and change. The Group provides real-world and bottom-line oriented marketplace expertise, ensuring ABM provides the highest value possible to its decision makers.

Horizon North Logistics Inc.

Horizon North Logistics Inc. recognizes the importance of building strong relationships with Indigenous communities. Their mandate to involve Indigenous communities in business partnerships to provide economic and employment benefits is one of the core reasons for partnering with ABM.

McDougall Energy Inc.

President of McDougall Energy Inc., Darren McDougall, attributes half of the business from First Nations out West as a “direct result of ABM.” They jumped on board as National Partners officially at ABM East in 2016, after being part of the National ABM Network since its inception. “We experienced first-hand the positive impact being part of the ABM National Network has had on our business and the connections we are able to make in the Indigenous marketplace,” he said. “It is a natural fit for our company to support and become part of the National ABM Partners Group.”

Query Customer Experience

Query helps companies align their people, process and technology to achieve their customer experience (CX) objectives.

The Update Company

The Update Company provides straightforward solutions to businesses looking to establish an online marketing presence, or to make the most of their web and social media investment.

Woodward & Company LLP

Woodward & Company LLP is one of Canada’s oldest and most experienced law firms working only with First Nations governments and businesses.  As legal counsel to the Tsilhqot’in Nation, they won the first declaration of Indigenous title in Canadian history. Firm Partner Drew Mildon enthused: “Many of our clients have fought long and difficult legal battles to establish the legal power of their Indigenous rights; the next project is to realize the promise of the economic power that is inherent in those rights.  We are thrilled to work with ABM and its partners on the strategies to achieve that goal.”  Woodward & Company LLP works closely with clients to develop opportunities that are consistent with their community’s values and objectives while ensuring appropriate due diligence and making use of sustainable business structures that offer the best protections and taxation strategies for long-term success.


These partnerships have laid the foundation for improved client and stakeholder relations and project success. We respect and value local culture, tradition and protocol, and recognize how critical these elements are to effectively working with the businesses, organizations and individuals within the communities we operate. We work with every partner individually to understand business priorities as they align with ABM.

If you would like to discuss a deeper immersion into the Indigenous business space visit our Partnerships/Sponsorships page for more details.