My name is Thich’ala (Ace Harry), I’m from χʷɛmaɬku and I grew up in t̓išosəm, which is ɬaʔəmen territory. My parents are Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry) and Jeh’jeh’ganak (Katrin Harry). I recently completed a two-year diploma known as the International Baccalaureate and here’s why I’m taking a year to work with the ABM Network:

After reading Arthur Manuel’s Unsettling Canada, it became obvious to me that reconciliation requires direct action and direct action requires careful and critical thought.

As a nineteen-year-old, somewhat radical NDN, I value the concept of decolonization and political resurgence. However, as a born-capitalist and realist, I also value the optimism and energy that is inevitably fostered in Indigenous business spaces.

Traditional Indigenous worldviews couldn’t be farther from capitalism. The transition from Indian Act to self-determination is a monumental task. That is what makes the ABM Network so remarkable; business people and community leaders like you who do ethical business that creates economic sovereignty and freedom from the coercion of colonization that chip away at the 500-year legacy of disenfranchisement of Indigenous peoples.

I look forward to an exchange of ideas and perspectives with all of you.

Thich’ala (Ace Harry)
Partner, ABM

Contact: ace@advancedbusinessmatch.com or 604-414-5381