This is a Call to Action for Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Youth!

ABM can be a game changer for you!

Your registration is FREE, if you are:

An Indigenous Start-Up Entrepreneur (in business 2 years or less)!

You will be able to meet with potential partners, mentors, customers or service providers. Tap into the dynamic ABM Network and discuss your plans, receive concrete feedback and expand your horizon of ideas and approaches. Learn about supply chain opportunities and how to access them, find encouraging peers who have been there done that! Form concrete business relationships that help you move your business goals forward!

 An Indigenous Youth (19 years of age or under)!

You will be able to talk to decision makers who can provide invaluable, real-life information about career choices in their field. Find out firsthand from those in the trenches what their jobs look like, what educational paths supported their careers and what their companies or communities are looking for when hiring. Please note that the decision makers on the ABM trade show floor are not in charge of hiring. However, you can attach a resume to your ABM online profile and get the conversation started. Take charge of your career plan and practice your networking skills!

How does it work?
Just like any company or community, you apply by completing your online profile. Once approved, you have the same number of appointments as companies and communities and you log into your online portal to review their profiles. You can then select appointments with decision makers that are of specific interest to. You will also receive incoming appointment requests which you either accept or decline.

Some of your outgoing appointment requests may be declined. Do not get discouraged or take it personally. As ABM is a hyper-productive network and performance standards are high, it just means that the decision maker needs all appointment slots to accomplish their specific goals for ABM attendance.

By and large, you will find that the humans that make up the ABM Network are keen to connect with you and are interested in your potential!

Call Kaycee or Beth with the ABM team at 604-483-3532 or email to get involved!