Please look through the ABM Fact Sheet to gain insight into the what, where, how and why of our upcoming events.

ABM Fact Sheet

How do I register?

For information about the application and registration process, please click here.

Are meals included in the registration fees?
Meals during the event are included in the registration fees.

Can I bring my guests, spouse, partner, etc. to meals during this event?
No. Only registered delegates may participate in all ABM functions, including meals.

Am I required to attend the entire ABM tradeshow?
Yes, all ABM Delegates are required to attend all of their scheduled appointments.

Answers for Community Decision Makers

including First Nations, Tribal Councils, Metis communities and development corporations.

Am I guaranteed participation if I apply?
Yes, if you attend the event on behalf of your community or community economic development corporation, your approval is guaranteed.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, the super early bird registration fee for First Nations, Tribal Councils and Metis communities is $950 for the Primary Delegate, the early bird fee is $1150, and the regular fee is $1350. However, a second delegate is sponsored by ABM and its partners and is free.

Can more than one person from my First Nation or Tribal Council attend?
A second delegate for First Nation, Tribal Councils and Metis communities is sponsored by ABM and its partners and is free. The registration fee for the third delegate is $750.

Am I responsible for travel arrangements and costs?
Yes, all ABM Delegates make their own arrangements and cover their own costs.

Is there financial support available to cover the registraton fee?
No, all Primary ABM Delegates must pay the registration fee. However, a second delegate is sponsored by ABM and its partners and is free.

Can I attend all ABM events?
Yes, both Indigenous communities and company decision makers can attend any ABM event. However, not every ABM may provide the same value. Give us a call at 1-604-483-3532 to discuss who will be there.

Can I attend an ABM that is not in my province?
Yes, you can attend any ABM. However, as economies are somewhat regional in scope it depends on your goals if a particpation outside your province makes sense. Contact us at 1-604-483-3532 to discuss.

What is included in my registration fee?

  • 31 appointments per primary ABM Delegate registration. Communities can add the option of a second schedule (up to 62 appointments total) at no charge. Included in the Additional Delegate fee of $750, communities can add the option of a third schedule (up to 93 appointments total).
  • All meals and functions.

Do I have a booth at ABM?
No, decision makers representing Indigenous communities do not have a booth but rather travel through the exhibit from appointment to appointment. If you wish to have a booth, you must register on the Exhibitor side of the Business Match as an economic development corporation or Indigenous business.

Answers for Company Decision Makers

Including Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations supporting business as well as government agencies that fund Indigenous economic development.

Is there a registration fee?
Yes. For a list of exhibitor registration fees, please click here.

Am I guaranteed participation if I apply?
ABM aims to attract companies that are in tune with the vast opportunities and unique characteristics of Indigenous economic development or companies that want to learn. The ABM Steering Committees carefully select exhibitors and not all applicants will be successful. Preference is given to companies that provide business opportunities extending beyond a “simple” customer/supplier relationship, including training, employment, and partnerships.

When will I be notified of my acceptance?
You will be notified of your acceptance within four weeks of application.

Can I have a laptop, projector, or other audio visual equipment set up in my booth at the trade show?
Visual presentation equipment is permitted on the trade show floor without audio.

What is included in my registration fee?
Included are:

  • 31 appointments per primary and secondary (if approved) delegate registration
  • one 10′ trade show booth per appointments schedule with table, four chairs, garbage can, and power
  • all meals and functions