Regenerative Community and Workplace Development

  • Wednesday, August 4
  • Wednesday, November 3
  • Wednesday, February 2, 2022
  • Wednesday, May 4

Incorporating integrity, sustainability, and regenerative practices into the way we approach our lives and businesses will change our world for the better.  

We are connecting community development and business professionals with the goal of transforming our world and business practices.

You should attend if you offer or are looking for:

  • Community development expertise;
  • Educational resources;
  • Workplace wellness expertise;
  • Architectural services, greenhouses etc.;
  • Expertise in sustainable design and/or architecture;
  • Sustainable or regenerative construction expertise;
  • Technology and biotechnology in the design, construction, and community development sectors.

If you have any questions, please connect with:

Katrin Harry
Managing Partner
c: 1-604-483-6421
Click here to schedule a meeting with Katrin.

Sierra Goldstein
US Curation Manager
c: 1-970-492-5657
Click here to schedule a meeting with Sierra.