ABM Curation is a proven method of facilitating business connections that drive results.

We grow the ABM Network by setting priorities and targets based on the needs and goals of our clients.

Unlike other matching experiences or events, we are in ongoing communication with each of our clients and continuously identify desired outcomes. We establish what the needs in the ABM Network are, what complementing business interests already exist and what gaps need to be filled by your organization’s offerings.

We then actively search for new connections to fill any gaps. We zero in on specifics, do research into companies, and work with our partners as well as the ABM Clientele to find exceptional decision-makers to get involved and collaborate in impactful and innovative ways .

Once in the ABM Network, we make sure that those with complementing business interests connect in our online events, in ABM dialogue forums and eventually again in person to ensure that you obtain your desired value.

ABM is about relationships, not transactions. Our curation methodology is successful because our clients are clear and realistic when setting their goals. They work with us collaboratively, create visibility through their online profile,  are available in online Connectors and take time to foster connections.


Talk to us about your business development needs and we will let you know if we have clients with aligning business interests already. If we do not, but we think your opportunity adds value, we will bring complementing business interests into the network for you.

Here is who we are currently working with.