We are all grappling with the economic impact of COVID-19, but we are full steam ahead here at ABM.  We have always been online and technology-based. While we all flatten the curve and do not know when in-person ABMs will resume, we know our network wants to do business. In many ways, it’s business as usual as ABMers connect and prepare one-on-one meetings using the ABM platform.   

We know this is not enough as you need to start or continue real conversations now, keep up productivity and get ready for recovery when the economy rebounds.

1. Catalyst Accelerating Solution

COVID-19 presented us with a challenge we accepted. In response to the restrictions currently placed on business interactions, we are innovating a fully virtual environment that crosses all geographic and economic boundaries. 

We will embed virtual one-on-one meeting capabilities right into the ABM Event Hub. We decided to write proprietary software rather than using existing services. This will ensure the new tool integrates seamlessly with the rest of the business matching features. It will also allow us to further develop the new feature based on the ABM Network’s feedback and needs as the new tool will addresses much more than the virus situation.

The software is currently being built and you will find updates on this page as they become available. If you are not already on our mailing list but would like to receive updates. You can find the newsletter sign-up in the right navigation bar.

2. The Solution – Our Answer to COVID-19 and Beyond

ABM Classic
(unchanged, 2.5 days, in person) introduces its new companions:

  • ABM Virtual – our answer to COVID-19 –  virtual precursor in addition to ABM Classic, 2 days, designed to keep you moving while Canada flattens the curve
  • ABM Virtual Express – our tool for an increasingly international ABM Network far beyond a pandemic response – virtual only, condensed, faster, global

2.1. ABM Indigenous: Vancouver Island – Classic and Virtual

  • ABM Vancouver Island Virtual – To be held as soon as the new software is ready.
  • ABM Vancouver Island Classic – Originally scheduled for March 16 to 18, 2020. New date not set. Lekwungen Territory, Victoria, BC

As soon as the new software is ready to go, we will hold the event virtually which means delegates will conduct up to 31 meetings over two days based on their schedules established in the system. The system is open, and delegates continue to prepare.

ABM Virtual is part and parcel of the ABM Classic event registration and no additional fees apply.

As soon as Songhees Nation reopens its facility, we will hold ABM Classic in Victoria. Delegates can change their appointment schedule any time after ABM Virtual in preparation for ABM Classic.

If you are not registered for ABM Classic/Virtual: Vancouver Island, you can still do so. Take a look at the event page to see how we are looking for. 

We are out of booth space for the in-person event, but at ABM you do NOT purchase an exhibitor booth. Your registration fee is for your online profile and appointment schedule only. Booths are merely a requirement to create meeting space, are free and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Not having a booth does not affect your productivity at the event.

2.2. ABM Indigenous: West – Classic and Virtual

  • ABM West Virtual – May 12 to 13, 2020 (original dates)
  • ABM West Classic – July 20 to 22, 2020, Secwépemc Territory, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

ABM Virtual is part and parcel of the ABM Classic event registration and no additional fees apply. 

Business matching for the event is in full swing.

2.3. ABM Indigenous: Southern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Alberta, Lower Mainland, Prairies

At this point, all Classics. We are hoping that these events will roll out in-person as planned. If they do not, we will add an ABM Virtual to every postponed ABM Classic. 

Registration is open and business matching is in full swing. 

3. Registration Fees during COVID 2019 – No payment required. 

From experience we know that early activity increases the productivity of our business matching networks. This is now more important than ever. 

We know the current situation is uncertain and unpredictable. We have changed our policies to make it easier for you to make a decision, get into the system and start business matching now. 

As we speak, delegates are communicating with each other, reviewing their business profiles and preparing their event attendance as usual.

You do not need to pay!

Usually, registrations need to be paid before business matching features are unlocked. For the time being, we unlock all business matching features as soon as your application is approved. This way your commitment is focused on keeping your business going while being financially risk-free.

We will freeze your registration fees until we know when an event takes place in person, so no rate increases.

We ask that you pay 50% of your registration fee before you attend ABM Virtual and then the rest before ABM Classic, but are flexible. We are all in the same difficult situation and one of our most important values is collaboration.

As usual,  Indigenous communities that would otherwise not be able to attend, receive discounts or free registrations.

4. ABM Virtual Express

We will start offering virtual events routinely as an added business development tool.

These online events will be shorter. 10 appointments, half a day. They will be scheduled based on time zones and registration fees will be between $200 (small business Super Early Bird) and $500 (large business Regular).

We will curate ABM Virtual Express in the same fashion as ABM Classic, ensuring they too are hyper-productive, partnership-driven and result-oriented. However, we will now reach out to our international contacts with an option for them to become part of the ABM Network in a much more dynamic way than previously possible.

ABM Virtual Express will allow you to make connections across the country and, in fact, the globe. 

We know our new technology will catapult you into an even more diverse environment of ideas, shared knowledge and business opportunities.

We are your market leader in technology-facilitated business development.
Stay tuned – more updates coming!