ABM Insider: $2000 annually
ABM A-List:   $5000 annually

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When required, we offer Indigenous communities a discount to enable broad participation and to level the playing field.

This only works if the communities, who accept the discount, come to the table with engagement. The engagement establishes a mutually beneficial relationship.

If the fee is a barrier to participation, discuss with us a discount agreement to create clarity around expectations and benefits for your community, small business sector and youth.

Please email us at info@advancedbusinessmatch.com to set up a meeting.

Decision-makers who are interested in a meaningful conversation with us, will understand the value of an ABM Membership.

There is no instrument for building Indigenous economies anywhere. What the ABM has done for non-Indigenous people who want to partner and develop business in this space is greater than any other influence I’m aware of. I have helped build three successful businesses through the ABM since 2012!”
– Marc Storms, Co-Founder, NATIONS Wellness (an Indigenous business)

“I have been attending ABM since 2012. Every time I attend, I walk away with something positive and useful. Because the people who attend ABM tend to be very engaged, dynamic, and entrepreneurial in their approach, it is often the appointment that I do not expect much from that offers surprising benefits and opportunities. ABM helps us to move our key economic objectives forward by understanding our priorities and introducing us to the right companies and decision-makers.”
– Cindy Stern, CEO, Nanoose Economic Development Corporation
(Snaw-Naw-As First Nation, Nanoose, BC, Canada)