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  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Aboriginal Banking
    Our Goal is to connect with First Nation Communities and Entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business who have a need for financing or advisory services.
  • Garden River First Nation
    Garden River First Nation, is located just east of Sault Ste. Marie and has existing businesses and partnerships in the gaming, construction, and aggregate industries. They are exploring the development of the new Highway 17 corridor with considerations for the development of an industrial park, truck stop/restaurant/gas station/convenience store, hotel and conference centre, trails and other tourism opportunities.
  • Kwakiutl First Nation - ABM Supporter
    Kwakiutl Band is looking to meet and network with partners who may be interested in developing projects/partnerships in the Port Hardy area. They are looking for partners that support their intent to protect the land, water air and environment.
  • Quatsino First Nation Economic Development Corporation
    Quatsino First Nation, Co-hosts for the ABM Vancouver Island, is looking connect with companies in the energy and mining, electrical production, forestry and security industry. A successful outcome would be to have supply of services and finance options for our hydro-project going forward.
  • Pinchin
    Pinchin is a private Canadian company staffed with offices from St. John’s to Victoria. They offer environmental health and safety consulting across Canada and are looking to create meaningful partnerships with First Nations, and to bring sound environmental engineering, consulting and science into the communities
  • Barkley Project Group Ltd
    Barkley Project Group Ltd. is a project management consulting firm specializing in renewable energy development. Our firm provides technical and management services to assist communities and developers in navigating the complex processes of clean energy project development. We provide the experienced management capacity needed to succeed in renewable energy project development.
    MNP's Aboriginal Services team offers a full suite of accounting, tax and consulting services to help Aboriginal communities succeed. They are interested in supporting the development of partnerships and collaborations between Aboriginal communities, businesses and individuals who are interested in customized training solutions, hands-on training sessions, and leadership training programs.
  • Hazelwood
    Hazelwood consists of a group of companies based out of Nanaimo British Columbia. Our various businesses have us operating throughout North America, and we have most recently opened a satellite office in Kitimat BC. We are looking to continue to build on existing relationships and also start new business relationships and partnerships with other organizations at this event. We believe strongly in developing the business economy in British Columbia which in turn will generate employment opportunities and know that this can only be accomplished by us all working together. We are hoping that these relationships will lead to new projects, investments and start-ups that we can be a part of.
  • Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business - ABM Partner
    The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business is a national member-based non-profit organization dedicated to the full promotion of Aboriginal people in Canada's economy. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal entrepreneurs to collaborate in ways that might help them expand and improve their businesses. They also hope to connect with mainstream companies looking to improve their Aboriginal relations strategies.
  • Clarence Campeau Development Fund - ABM Partner
    The Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF) was established by The Métis Society of Saskatchewan Inc to provide financial assistance where currently there is a void for Métis clients. They would like to create awareness of programs available to Metis Entrepreneurs, including their Business Plan Program, Loan Equity Program and Community Business Development Program.
  • mcdougall energy logo
    McDougall Energy - ABM Partner
    McDougall Energy is one of the largest gasoline-retailing and commercial networks in Canada and an ABM National Partner. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in creating partnerships with an Esso retailer, Pump and branded convenience store partners.
  • The Update Company logo
    The Update Company, ABM Partner
    The Update Company (TUC) is a full-service digital marketing agency providing website development, lead generation and search engine optimization services that help our clients get the results they need to achieve success. We have a strong track record supporting tourism, destination marketing and economic development, particularly with Indigenous businesses and organizations.
  • Jouta Performance Group
    At the Jouta Performance Group, we provide HR Consulting that ensures your organization develops the people, policies and practices needed to improve productivity and services to members.  We specialize in outsourced Human Resources (HR) services, strategy and support. In place of an in-house HR department, or to complement your existing HR team – we help our clients build practical, appropriate and cost saving HR infrastructure. We offer both full-service and project-based solutions.
  • Kent-Macpherson
    Kent-Macpherson is recognized as one of Western Canada's leading authorities in independent real estate valuation, consulting and advisory services. They are looking to create and build deeper partnerships with First Nations communities, based on their unmatched land planning and development expertise.
  • RecTec Industries Inc.
    RecTec Industries Inc. has been building relationships throughout the province of BC by distributing BC's most innovative park and recreation equipment. They are looking to build partnerships with health-oriented Indigenous communities who value the health of their members and understand the powerful benefits of a strong and healthy community.
  • Government of Saskatchewan - ABM Partner
    The Ministry of the Economy advances economic growth to generate wealth and opportunity in Saskatchewan. The Ministry enhances economic growth and competitiveness by attracting investment and removing barriers to growth; regulates responsible resource development by facilitating resource exploration and development within an effective regulatory framework; and supports a robust labour market by developing, attracting and retaining a skilled labour force. They are looking to maximize opportunities for First Nations and Metis businesses and communities in Saskatchewan.
  • Songhees Nation logo
    Songhees First Nation - ABM Partner and Co-Host
    Songhees First Nation is a Coast Salish Community adjacent to the City of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Their current economic development activities include land leases, off reserve land holdings, industrial marine construction company, gift shop, cultural tours of the Songhees Islands and convention/meeting centre.
  • Horizon North Logistics Inc.
    Horizon North, is a leader in industrial, commercial and residential modular manufacturing. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities interested in turnkey solutions can provide temporary, permanent, and "open camps", as well as hotels, health centers, resort property, luxury homes, affordable housing for high-density areas and remote communities and individual residences.
  • Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School
    Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School has been providing industry-recognized training for students to attain the skills and knowledge required to successfully gain and maintain employment as heavy equipment operators. They are looking to create meaningful connections with Aboriginal communities interested in training/refreshing/additional skills and assisting industry in filling the positions they need filled.
  • Enerpro Systems Corp.
    Enerpro is North America’s only provider of full-service, intelligent, energy management programs for new construction and infrastructure upgrades in retrofitted buildings, since 1996. They are looking to connect with Aboriginal communities in the establishment and management of self-owned utilities.
  • Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation - ABM Partner
    Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF) offers commercial and agriculture lending and business consulting services to First Nations businesses in Saskatchewan. They are looking to create economic development contacts with the First Nations of Saskatchewan to deliver Business and/or Entrepreneurial training and workshops.
  • AOS Partners
    At AOS Partners we create custom database systems that empower our clients to do what they do best and set themselves apart from their competition. We’ve been developing custom software since 1995. We keep growing and changing with the speed of technology.
  • Malahat Nation
    Malahat Nation is a marine-based Nation with a strong tradition of Canoes. The Nation has a number of strong, successful and profitable business relationships with local business and industry. They are looking to connect with businesses, project leads and investors in working with Malahat, and building our overall network of contacts across a variety of industry sectors.
  • Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC) - ABM Partner (Canada)
    ITBC offers Indigenous tourism operators in BC experience development workshops, front line staff training and co-operative marketing program. They are looking to connect with businesses interested in using Indigenous Tourism as an economic vehicle and to increase number of market/export ready operators in BC.
  • Neskonlith Indian Band
    The Neskonlith Indian Band is a First Nations community located south central part of BC. The Neskonlith Indian Band consists of three reserve land bases, each of these land base consists of a combination of community infrastructure facilities that are critical to the overall socio-economic health and wellbeing of the community.  Neskonlith owns a corporation called Sk’atsin Resources LTD and has recently formed a Limited Partnership with Infracon called Sk’atsin Infracon Site Services LP. Our mission at Neskonlith Sk’atsin Resources Ltd, is to move forward as caretakers of Secwepemc lands and resources to improve the health and wealth of Neskonlith Indian Band families for the next 7 generations, using a community-driven and Nation-based approach.
  • Naut'sa Mawt Tribal Council
    Naut'sa Mawt Tribal Council is a non-profit society that provides advisory services to its eleven member First Nation communities including: Halalt First Nation, Homalco First Nation, Klahoose First Nation, Malahat Nation, Snaw-naw-as First Nation, Snuneymuxw First Nation, Stzuminus First Nation, Tla'amin First Nation, Tsawwassen, Tseil-wau-tuth First Nation, and Tsouke Nation.  Naut'sa mawt Tribal Counci founded the Naut'sa mawt Resources Group (NRG) in 1997 after the Government of Canada announced its Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses. They are pursuing opportunities to offer value-added products and services to private and public sectors across Canada.
  • Parkland Fuel Corp.
    Parkland Fuel Corporation is the largest independent fuel marketer in Canada. With over 1100 sites in Canada, we operate in Eastern Canada under the ESSO, Pioneer, Ultramar, FasGas Plus and Race Trac retail fuel brands and the On The Run convenience brand.  We have many First Nations sites that we currently supply under these brands. We can help with all aspects of opening a gas station, convenience store, and complimentary offering to help maximize an existing or new to industry development’s potential.
  • Compass Group Canada/ESS Support Services (Canada)
    ESS Support Services is the Canadian market leader in remote full-service hospitality management. ESS is Gold certified in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations Program. Our Aboriginal Joint Venture program reflects our commitment to developing true partnerships with local communities in the regions where we do business. In addition to sharing in the profits flowing from local operations, local communities benefit from our preferred Aboriginal hiring and supplier policies.  
  • Sagamok Anishnawbek - Co-Host
    Sagamok Anishnawbek is a First Nation community situated at the mouth of the North Channel on Lake Huron. Located six kilometres south of the town of Massey, which is approximately halfway between the cities of Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie on the highway 17 corridor. Their community vision includes the development of a strong local economy – Sagamok Development Corporation was incorporated as a non-profit corporation that is responsible for community development. Sagamok Anishnawbek has also established a for-profit corporation which addresses proposed partnerships. They are interested in meeting with potential business partners in all areas.
  • Micmacs of Gesgapegiag - ABM Supporter
    Micmacs of Gesgapegiag's main reason for wanting to attend is to network. I would like to make connections that will allow me to initiate priorities we have determined according to our Strategic Plan.
  • Township of Langley - Co-Host
    The Township of Langley,  considered to be the epicenter of BC's Lower Mainland, wants to leverage partnerships to attract new opportunities.
  • Yorkton Tribal Council logo
    Yorkton Tribal Council - ABM Partner
    Yorkton Tribal Council (YTC) is located in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Their business center is mainly Yorkton and surrounding areas. YTC has 6-member nations that they actively serve and support. As a Tribal Council, YTC gets involved in economic and social projects. They would like to meet with potential investors and partners and increase their network.
  • TLC Solutions
    TLC Solutions is a leading IT & Communications service provider that builds state-of-the-art Technologies such as Fiber Optics Networks and Hyper-V Servers for communities and businesses, currently working with 23 Indigenous communities across Western Canada.  TLC Solutions would like to build partnerships to build local capacity and help bring fiber optic networks to every Indigenous community.
  • Tsalalh Development Corporation
    The Seton Lake Band provides general services to our members. We are an Internet Service Provider , and through our Tsa'lalh Development Corporation, we offer; hotel accommodations and meeting facilities, RV parking,Security, Traffic Control, First Aid , Environmental and Heritage Monitoring, Landscaping, General Construction through a partnership with IVL contracting, Heavy Equipment services,Janitorial and Silvicultural services. We are always looking for new partnerships and opportunities. We operate our school in cooperation with the local School District 74 (k-12) including a Headstart and pre school. We run in partnership with CN Rail, a light rail Shuttle vehicle service between Lillooet and Seton Portage.
  • Gwaii Engineering
    Gwaii Engineering is a Civil and Environmental Engineering and Development Services Consultant that is majority owned and operated by Aboriginal People. We are a client focused firm and strive for solutions that fit our clients' needs. We understand that our services ultimately serve community and building strong relationships will help us understand the variables that go into creating the best results.
  • Vancouver Island Construction Association
    As the Vancouver Island Construction Association (VICA), we serve our construction community: the institutional, commercial, industrial, civil, and multi-residential construction sectors on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and other coastal areas of British Columbia. VICA members come from all areas of our construction community from owners, architects, and engineers to consultants and contractors. We're made up of a diverse group of individuals — women, men, young, and old — that bring unique skills and experience to the workforce. Together, we contribute to the dynamic construction industry in BC!
  • Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nation
    Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nation (Canoe Creek)  is located within 1.5 hours of Williams Lake, 100 mile House and Clinton B.C. They are currently involved in or in process of developing businesses in alternative energy, agriculture, tourism, mining partnerships and forestry. They are open to partnerships that would support the development of their workforce.
  • Ahousaht First Nation
    Priority projects include land development, cultural tourism, and a fuel station. They would like to establish new business relationships with potential partners and investors for tourism and land development interests.
  • Total Support Solutions
    Total Support Solutions wants to find Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations that are looking to partner with an Indigenous focused IT firm.
  • Land Forest People Consulting Ltd.
    Land Forest People Consulting Ltd. operates in the field of resource stewardship as defined by the gifts possessed by each client community, including land, forests, and other natural resources.Emphasizing relationships, together we develop tools such as land use plans and environmental management plans with which communities foster social, cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability. Land Forest People's goal for the ABM is to meet communities, clients, and cooperators who also believe that successful business development is only one of the required components of a sustainable community. Economic success is ensured through integrated planning for land, health, culture, and the environment.
  • Indigenous Insight
    I am a member of the Tla'amin Nation; served as my community's Chief Councillor (2002-2004); and served on Council for eight years. In my tenure as Chief Councillor, I became a primary architect in a historic document called the Community Accord and signed by City of Powell River and then Sliammon First Nation. This document was re-affirmed in June 2018. This intergovernmental work was recognized on a regional, provincial and national level. Other advisory services areas include: - Indigenous relations and cultural awareness training (hard-copy, and online formats available); - Leadership development - Economic and small business development
  • Shawanaga First Nation
    Shawanaga First Nation is located 30 km north of Parry Sound ON, along Highway 69. We currently have an existing gas station and convenience store that will be relocating to a new, modern, Highway Service Centre that will be opening in the near future. The HSC will provide service to the existing Hwy 69 as well as the proposed 4 laning of Hwy 400 through our territory. We would like to meet prospective partners/investors to work with.
  • Transport Training Centres of Canada
    Transport Training Centres of Canada is a career college, that offers truck driver training and heavy equipment operator training at various locations in Ontario and Eastern Canada.
  • Growcer Modular Food Solutions
    The Growcer manufactures modular plug-and-play hydroponic systems to enable food production in remote communities and operations. We specialize in building systems for Arctic and highly remote regions where food costs are significant and traditional food sources are unfeasible, though our systems are also financially & operationally viable in urban settings where food costs vary drastically with seasonality.
  • Mighty Oaks logo
    Mighty Oaks feat. Cedar Box - ABM Partner
    Mighty Oaks offers a variety of software solutions address e-commerce, logistics, scheduling, facility operations and regulatory compliance.
  • Hakai Energy Solutions Inc
    Renewable energy integration consultation, design and installation in grid connected and remote locations.  Hakai Energy Solutions helps individuals, businesses and communities reduce their reliance on diesel or grid operators through advanced integration technologies and techniques.
  • Colliers Project Leaders
    Colliers Project Leaders is Canada’s largest Project Management/Owners Representative firm. We are founded on a single powerful idea: a dedicated project leader working on your behalf to provide certainty of success.
  • VisionQuest Advisors Inc
    VisionQuest Advisors is a consulting group based in British Columbia that specializes in project management, developing business plans, financing strategies, marketing plans and funding proposals for Canada's First Nations. Our extensive experience working with our clients in often challenging and remote locations provides us with unique perspective and capabilities.
  • Scotiabank
    Reach your financial goals with a range of products and services designed for your unique needs.
  • Tla'amin Management Services logo
    Tla'amin Management Services
    Tla'amin Management Services would like to network and build capacity for various projects.
  • DGW Law Corporation
    Consistently recognized as leading lawyers in Aboriginal Law, we provide a wide range of business, economic devt, negotiation and litigation services to Indigenous clients across the continent. DGW is led by three Directors, one Senior Counsel, four associates and a full legal support team. The firm leads the Canadian Lawyers Readers Survey of Top 5 Aboriginal Law Boutiques.
  • Inland Group logo
    Inland Group
    Inland is the dynamic leader in a competitive heavy-duty truck and equipment marketplace. For 70 years, our customers have relied on us for all their product and service needs. With more than 30 dealerships around North America, Inland is one of the oldest and largest Kenworth dealers in the world and we are the premier provider of heavy equipment in Western Canada.
  • Homalco First Nation
    The Homalco First Nation is a First Nations government located in Bute Inlet near the upper Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. The Nation hopes to provide integrated resource management for our core area of Bute Inlet by managing the land within our traditional territory in a respectful way that provides for sustainable growth of all resources.
  • Cree8iv Collaboration Inc.
    We creatively collaborate with individuals and organizations to bring programs and services to remote Indigenous communities in Canada. Our first program is the DEVA Online Training Pilot, which was launched successfully in June 2019. The course practicum will be completed before Christmas 2019 and our Indigenous students or DEVAs (Digital Executive Virtual Assistants) will be offered employment by Virtual eAdmin, a digital training and temporary staffing agency under the Cree8iv umbrella, focused on servicing Indigenous organizations and communities remotely. Our 20-week online course on digital literacy and administrative support teaches the latest digital tools and administrative skills to get a student working in 20 weeks. This course will help eliminate barriers to employment by providing alternative employment options.
  • Esquimalt Nation - ABM Partner and Co-Host
    The Esquimalt Nation is a small urban nation located within the traditional territories now contained in the Capital Regional District (CRD), and its Members are descendants of the Lekwungen People. Unlike larger, non-urban nations, with extensive land bases and abundant natural resources, the Esquimalt Nation has very limited land, water and resources, with a reserve area of approximately 18 ha (44 acres).
  • South Island Prosperity Project (SIPP)
    Our mission is to facilitate and promote the development of a strong, diversified economy on South Vancouver Island, creating a more collaborative region and a vibrant place to work.
  • Best Buy Homes
    Best Buy Housing offers a solution for affordable housing to suit the community needs. Housing for the Elderly, single and families. Best Buy's goals are to supply housing that people can be proud, a home that creates a healthy viable life. A home that is creates a safe place for women, children and men.
  • TBT Engineering
    TBT Engineering is a full-service multidisciplinary Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Geotechnical, Transportation, Material Testing, Environmental, and Industrial Engineering consulting firm with a strong focus on expertise, efficiency and ensuring client satisfaction. Our team is fully committed to completing your project on schedule and within budget.
  • Levert Group
    Levert Group, comprised of its personnel resources, is the largest industrial recruitment and staffing firm in Northern Ontario with offices in Sudbury and Timmins as well as Rouyn-Noranda (QC), St. John’s (NL), and Halifax (NS). Our commitment to safety and quality assurance drives our extensive recruitment and training processes so we can provide skilled, prescreened, industry-ready personnel, executive recruitment, and staffing to the mining, oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors.
  • Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation - ABM Partner
    Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) manages the economic interests of the Six Nations Community both on and off reserve. Profits generated by SNGRDC are invested into the Six Nations Community for the collective benefit of all members. We are committed to ensuring that our cultural and community values guide our pathway to economic development. SNGRDC’s Guiding Principles are reflective of these values and create the foundation for all business decisions.
  • Simpliphi Power
    SimpliPhi Power designs and manufactures safe, non-toxic lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries providing clean, reliable and sustainable energy storage solutions. In addition to designing and manufacturing batteries and energy storage solutions, SimpliPhi provides support throughout the entire project life cycle including - but not limited to: concept design and feasibility, sales and applications engineering, shipping and procurement, administrative support, technical support and training, and battery end-of-life strategy for reuse and recycling.
  • Delaware Nation at Moraviantown
    We are the Lenape (Lunaapeew) People of the Delaware Nation at Moraviantown. Our community is found on the southern shores of the Thames River, near the small town of Thamesville, approximately 3 hours west of Toronto. There are approximately 550 residents who live in our community, however our total membership is well over 1,000.
  • AFD Petroleum Ltd.
    AFD Petroleum hopes to meet key decision makers from within the Indigenous Communities of BC.  Gain a better understanding of current and future opportunities to engage as partners of Indigenous Communities in upcoming projects, employee recruitment connections and also gain general exposure of our services, and networking opportunities with other companies that desire our services.
  • Beecher Bay (Sc'ianew) First Nation - ABM Supporter
    We are building a village here in is Spirit Bay. We also need to bring services to that village. We are planning a TownCentre. It will include a Grocery Store, restaurant, coffee stop, gas station, administration centre.
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
    GVHA was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in February 2002, and began operating its four port facilities, divested from Transport Canada, in April 2002. Acting as an advocate for the harbour, GVHA is working to improve its function as a working harbour, and a marine transportation centre with a strong focus on tourism. GVHA is a society registered with the Province of British Columbia and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority are governed under the Society Act of British Columbia.
  • Burns Lake Native Development Corporation logo
    Burns Lake Native Development Corporation - ABM Supporter
    Burns Lake Native Development Corporation is owned by the six First Nations in the Lakes District. They are; Burns Lake Band, Cheslatta Carrier Nation, Lake Babine Nation, Nee Tahi Buhn Band, Skin Tyee Nation and Wet'suwet'en First Nation. The corporation holds a 10% interest in Hampton Affiliates sawmill Babine Forest Products, on behalf of the six First Nations. The forest industry is what most of our economy is based on.
  • Superior Propane
    Propane is what we do. Our coast-to-coast-to-coast delivery network ensures that you have a reliable energy supply for your home or business.We have 350 locations spread across all provinces and territories in Canada, and our number of offices continues to grow across the United States. With over 65 years delivering solutions to communities and companies, we continue to grow and deliver propane in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  • EVOLVsolar
    EVOLVsolar is looking to create relationships with communities in Western and Northwestern Canada that are looking to lower their carbon footprint and energy costs. A successful outcome at ABM would mean partnering with communities that share our values and are interested in clean power.
  • Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc logo
    Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc
    The Tk‘emlúpsemc, ‘the people of the confluence’, now known as the Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc are members of the Interior-Salish Secwepemc (Shuswap) speaking peoples of British Columbia. This traditional territory stretches from the Columbia River valley along the Rocky Mountains, west to the Fraser River, and south to the Arrow Lakes. Most Secwepemc people live in the river valleys. Tk’emlúps te Secwe̓pemc is a progressive community committed to attaining self-sufficiency and independence through education and economic development.
  • Stellat'en First Nation
    The Stellat’en First Nation (No. 613), has its main office located on the Stellat’en Reserve on the banks of the Nadleh Bun (Fraser Lake) near Fort Fraser. The community of Stellako is located 160 kilometres west of Prince George, B.C. Stellat’en (people of Stella) has existed since time immemorial. The fertile land between Fraser Lake and Vanderhoof is the basin of a glacial Lake. Stellaquo is located at the confluence of two rivers: the Stellaquo and Endako. Stellaquo River is a world renowned trout fishing location.
  • Pacheedaht First Nation
    With operations in industries from forestry to tourism, we are already diversified but we are open for business and would love to connect with you!
  • 50th Parallel Public Relations Inc.
    We are a boutique public relations agency providing creative and strategic communications services to our clients. We specialize in providing communications and community engagement services to First Nations, municipalities, businesses of all sizes and not for profits. Our area of expertise is working with Nations in the BC Treaty Process.
  • Tyalta Industries Inc.
    Founded in 1995, Tyalta Industries is dedicated to bringing our customers the very best in not only aggregate equipment, but also transportation needs, parts and service. We are the exclusive dealer for McCloskey International in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • D.H. Signs of the Times Enterprises Inc
    From the beginning our focus was to produce only quality, creative signs and displays. We have proven successful through a unique combination of people and products that effectively communicate your message. Our team is passionate about what we do and it shows.
  • Global Fuels
    Global Fuels is looking for First Nations partners who are interested in re-branding their existing locations or developing new fuels retailing locations.
  • Outreach Optometry
    We are a mobile Optometry service that provides fully comprehensive eye exams and glasses to communities that may not have direct or convenient access, as well as businesses which would benefit from having the convenience of on-site eye exams.
  • Milestone Environmental Contracting Inc.
    We want to: 1) Increase awareness as to what we do as an environmental contractor; 2) Gain insight, advice, and share lessons learned, in providing most value to our clients, communities and partners in the projects we undertake; 3) Identify opportunities where we can work collaboratively with Indigenous communities and businesses to provide environmental solutions that are added win-win scenarios; 4) Explore opportunities to work in meaningful and value-added partnerships that build mutual capacity.
  • Lucky Man Cree Nation
    Lucky Man Cree Nation is near the North Battleford Saskatchewan region. Band members are more settled in this area. Our interests are also in the Lloydminster area. Right now, as our band is small and just starting to venture out, Hope to meet with organizations that will push forward Dry cleaning and Laundry services, possible Gas station ideas.
  • Saa’men Economic Development LP
    Saa’men Economic Development LP would like introductions and meetings with like-minded, determined, entrepreneurial people/organizations/communities with the desire and ability to move forward with business opportunities in the short and long term.
  • Indigenous Experience Ontario
    Indigenous Experience Ontario is being developed by Integra Design Studio. This new website will act as an Indigenous Experience marketing hub to lure visitors. We are looking to gain partnerships and advertising partners to market unique Indigenous experiences on our beautifully designed website – We want to drive awareness and help build tourism for Indigenous Communities and businesses in Ontario.
  • GDLS-C (General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada)
    GDLS attends to: - determine suppliers/distributors that could assist in sourcing current products; and - find suppliers promoting new innovative products.
  • Spatial Technologies
    Our mission is to be the first choice supplier of top quality measurement solutions and service to the geomatics, construction, engineering, BIM, machine control and UAV mapping community. We want to be considered your partner and not just a supplier. Our goal is to develop a reputation of mutual respect, trust and integrity with our business partners, suppliers, and employees, while providing the tools to enhance our clients business. We will accomplish these goals through our dedication to customer service.
  • Animikii Indigenous Technology
    Animikii is a digital agency that works respectfully and collaboratively with Impact-focused organizations to drive social innovation through technology. We are looking to develop opportunities with Indigenous-focused organizations in the areas of business development, investment and social impact through technology.
  • Southern First Nations Secretariat
    SFNS is currently implementing a strategic plan based on the findings of our Regional Economic Leakage Study. Based on this work, we would like to pursue regional business opportunities with the goal of reducing the economic leakage outside of our region. Important to this work is training for our members and the creation of sustainable employment.
  • Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre
    Network with potential clients. Provide awareness of our Resort services, Conference Centre, Accommodation and Spa. Connect with companies looking to book a meeting, conference, corporate retreat, and event.
  • Cascadia Bioenergy Ltd
    We are a new renewable energy business producing and selling a biomass energy product. We intend to source secondary forest biomass in British Columbia, process it into an energy product and sell the product into a variety of markets including overseas. A successful outcome for us will be to have introduced several new companies/communities into our network and had positive initial discussions.
  • Big Venture Sales
    We manufacture natural well being and health food products. We also do contract manufacturing, white/private label options as well.
  • Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
    The Government of Canada spent over $25 billion last year on various goods and services. 85% of the contracts were awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises. The Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) initiative aims to increase federal contracting opportunities and to gain access to the overall federal procurement process for Indigenous businesses. We provide information, counseling and training services to SMEs that want to do business with the government.
  • St'at'imc Eco Resources
    Expand our horizons and understand what potential there is to grow our business. Main focus on training and capacity building plus profit sharing.
  • Cedar Valley Community Living
    Working together to design and deliver child and family services solutions that best suit your Nation and community needs. Working together to incorporate counselling and assessments, to gain information so that we can incorporate both global and traditional healing modalities to heal and help children and youth both in care and in the community.
  • Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
    The Greater Victoria Chamber is working hard to be representative of all businesses and business owners in the region in order to ensure that we are the region’s most diverse and influential business association. Successful outcomes would include connecting indigenous businesses with other local business leaders to create opportunities for both to grow their business. It would also include connecting them with free training opportunities to grow their export potential.
  • Tourism Vancouver Island
    Tourism Vancouver Island hopes to, expand network, build relationships, learn about tourism sector projects and  facilitate partnerships and collaborations within the industry.
  • Carbon Safety Solutions
    Carbon Safety Solutions is looking to meet like-minded, proactive organizations who are interested in the continual improvement of safety in the workplace.
  • seyem logo
    səýeḿ - Co-Host
    Looking to secure long term tenants for on reserve development.
  • Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc.
    Strategic is looking to explore new relationships and pursue new business opportunities to expand our portfolio.
  • Power Clean
    Power Clean provides full cleaning, building maintenance, equipment and repairs facility, and other specialized services in Victoria BC and hopes to increase networking opportunities as a company.
  • Nations Cannabis
    We are seeking the final $9 million to complete the building of our facility. We are looking for investors who understand the Indigenous lens upon which we view and guide our decisions and project. We are looking to partner on micro-growing facilities, retail stores and other related ancillary businesses.
  • Scout Talent
    Our goals for participation are to meet as many community members who are involved in recruitment for their communities and hopefully be able to discuss their current processes around recruitment, provide some advice and maybe partner with communities who are in need of help to fill their more challenging roles.
  • Hum Consulting
    My goal for participation is to learn about the key pain points that organizations face around internal and external engagement and their dream outcomes for those processes so that I may develop tools that honour my gifts in engagement and best serve these organizations and their communities. I am also looking to identify a partner or partners that would be willing to join together to co-create solutions to these complex challenges. A successful outcome would be leaving with 5-6 authentic connections that lead to real business development opportunities.
  • Canwest Mechanical
    CanWest Mechanical Inc. and its subsidiary Co-Gen Mechanical Services Ltd. provide the following services: - General contracting - Industrial construction - Mechanical contracting (HVAC and plumbing) - Pipe spool fabrication - Sheet metal fabrication Canwest wants To expand our network and meet with First Nations on Vancouver Island that would be willing to enter into mutually beneficial partnerships and joint ventures on future construction projects that would provide training and employment opportunities.
  • Native Women's Association of Canada
    The Entrepreneur Navigation Program (ENP) is a venture developed by the Native Women’s Association of Canada designed to build the skills of Indigenous women entering the sphere of Business, Management and Entrepreneurship. ENP offers workshops, mentoring, navigation, training & coaching. This ongoing program offers several ways in which NWAC will engage and support budding Indigenous entrepreneurs including dedicated Entrepreneur Navigators and Mentors as well as through networking events and relevant workshops throughout the year.