Business Opportunities in Cannabis

  • Thursday,  September 16
  • Thursday,  December 16
  • Thursday,  March 17 , 2022
  • Thursday, June 16, 2022

This event will be held in partnership with NATIONS.

This event is seeking participation from virtually every link of the production and supply chain, including marketing, processing facilities, cannabis-related paraphernalia producers, consultation in creating Standard Operating Procedures, and other organizations with cannabis operations that can provide expertise and partnerships.

We would like to extend an invitation to Indigenous communities in particular.

  • Communications and marketing companies experienced in the cannabis space,
  • Companies that process,
  • Cannabis-related technology,
  • Cannabis-related paraphernalia and products for retail,
  • Consultants for licensing, operations, development of Standard Operating Procedures, etc.,
  • Manufacturing facilities and services for cannabis products incl. drinks, gummies etc.
  • Existing cannabis retail operations interested in craft cannabis and relevant products from Indigenous suppliers,
  • Investment, and
  • Peer mentorship in the Indigenous cannabis space.

If you have any questions about this online event, please connect with  Katrin Harry, Managing Partner with ABM,  at 1-604-483-6421 or

You can find information about pricing here.

IMPORTANT! If you are an Indigenous business start-up (in business for three years or less) and in the development and pre-profit phase, we will provide you with your registration for free. Find out more here.

If you are an Indigenous youth, your registration is also free. Click here for more info!