Business Matching Protocol and Delegate Services


ABM’s sophisticated software is an online tool to efficiently pre-qualify and prepare ABM Delegates for face-to-face meetings with like-minded, motivated decision makers who want to seal concrete deals with real handshakes.

For this to work for all, all delegates must agree to actively engage in business matching which involves the following:

1. Completion of an online business development profile that communicates your goals and priorities. 

This profile must be complete and offer quality information so that those reviewing your profile can make an informed decision if they wish to meet with you.

2. Sending outgoing meeting requests. 

ABM works best if you are pro-active and select appointments with those you are interested in meeting with. We recommend that you select your priority A appointments first to make sure you secure a meeting. Then go after your B and C priorities and also leave some room for incoming requests. You will be surprised how many hidden and unexpected opportunities start with an incoming request that may not make sense immediately. 

3. Promptly accepting or declining incoming meeting requests. 

Every time you receive an incoming meeting request, the system sends you a notification email. You have to log into your account and deal with the appointment request promptly. You will find a notification on your ABM home page. You have to respond to incoming requests promptly by either declining or accepting the appointment.

This is important! You cannot let incoming appointment requests linger as it stops those who want to meet with you from completing their schedules. It will prevent them from scheduling an appointment with somebody who may be more interested than you in making the business connection offered.

It is ok to say no and decline! Nobody takes this personally. It’s just business.

Delegates who do not respond to their meeting requests decrease the productivity of the event for all.

4. Communicate using the message system. 

If you are not sure if a business connection is of value, use the message feature on the ABM system to receive more information.

ABM Delegates are accountable!

Every appointment represents a potential business opportunity. Therefore, every no-show, cancellation or pending appointment request can result in a lost opportunity. ABM delegates agree to respect each other’s business interests and commit to active engagement in the business matching process before and during the event.

Meet the whips!

This is what the ABM Network lovingly calls Kaycee Mitchell, Delegate Engagement Manager and Caitlynn Smith, Delegate Engagement Coordinator. Their job is to make sure the business networks that congregate at our events is the most engaged, productive and successful it can be.

They will help you every step of the way from registration to appointment selection to ensure you maximize your ABM potential!

Talking to you is what they live for. Ok. So that may be overstating it a bit but seriously, they do want to hear from you.

Call them at 1-604-483-3532 or from the US 1-866-502-3532 or email

We mean it!
  • Delegates who cannot commit to the four engagement activities above should not register.
  • We are in touch with all of those who do not engage to provide whatever assistance required to increase productivity.
  • We remove pending appointment older than five business days automatically. If you sent the appointment request and are still interested in pursuing the business connection, you need to request the appointment again.
  • We remove inactive accounts from the event at our discretion and may exclude those who do not engage from future ABM attendance.
  • We provide no-show forms at the event and follow-up with those who have missed appointments to avoid a repetition at future ABM events.