Footprint Environmental and Wiidookaw Inc. joint venture allows firms to collaborate and innovate in new ways

Footprint Environmental, a corrective water technology company met Wiidookaw Inc., a First Nation project development and management services company at ABM East 2017 in Sudbury. That meeting initiated an opportunity to establish a partnership that would allow for them to expand their services without the costs associated with staff increases and overheads.

Dennis Monague of Wiidookaw Inc. and Lionel Desmarais of Footprint Environmental at ABM East in 2017.

“During meetings at our full days at ABM, Footprint Environmental and Wiidookaw Inc. developed a framework for a partnership that will further the development and growth of each firm. This joint venture will allow each member to call on the technical, process and management skill sets of the other in any upcoming business opportunity, deepening each firm’s capacity. This joint venture is well positioned to take on and manage projects in a variety of industries, sizes and fields. “

Dennis Monague, President of Wiidookaw Inc., believes this new entity will allow both firms to collaborate and innovate in new ways, bringing a new approach to servicing the greater First Nation Community.

Footprint, with it’s cutting-edge technology and rethought methodologies, brings new and innovative approaches to mining, mine remediation, soil remediation, and water clean up. Wiidookaw Inc., with the combined experience of it’s partners in the development and management of large and small-scale projects throughout Ontario and Canada, brings years of project development and management experience to the Joint Venture.

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