CBI Solar Creates Sunny Relationships at ABM

When you’re a business looking for meaningful projects that create positive and lasting impact, you’re always open to new paths to success. For Mark Ruest, business development manager for Carbon Bite Innovations Solar (CBI Solar), that path was ABM Alberta.

CBI Solar provides community-wide solutions for Indigenous groups, so when Mark heard about ABM’s Edmonton event, participating was an easy decision.

“First Edmonton, and then Prince George, Regina and Penticton, and now a full year has flown by and the connections and opportunities that we’ve established through ABM have been just amazing – we’re still in the process of making our way through all the transactions and contracting. It takes a while for these things to process fully; you don’t get a diamond without some time and pressure (and coal). The connections, though, that we were able to make at every ABM event have been nothing if not beneficial.”

CBI Solar’s focus is specifically on Indigenous communities and their administration buildings, health centres, schools, arenas and water treatment plans, working to create cost-saving solutions. The money saved is then funneled to programs like recreation, sporting events, tournaments and traditional learning with elders. “Now they can take the money that’s being wasted on their power bill and put it back into their community.”

Mark’s also pleased with the relationships they’ve built with operators of residential camps for mining, oil and gas. “The cost to run diesel engines to run these remote-location camps is astronomical. So, putting in solar and batteries to eliminate those diesel generators running can save the planet, save on fuel and save on everything.”

On building relationships with First Nations communities, Mark says “we recently met with a group of communities in Saskatchewan and ended up being invited to their first ever economic development conference – this as a result of our participation with ABM in Regina.”

“The referrals and communications that come through the connections formed at ABM are priceless. Things take time to build, but we’re always working towards a solution; towards the results that we’re all striving for, together; helping and working alongside the Indigenous community is the number one priority.”

Mark wants to see more people taking advantage of the massive amount of opportunity ABM trade shows bring to business. “It’s actually a participation conference – it’s not just getting there and going for supper or lunch with someone; you can do that literally any other time. It’s the ‘who’s here’ aspect, where you want to interact – everyone’s there for the same reason, to generate business. The no-shows, well that’s just time money and effort wasted. The participation and the engagement – that’s the whole process; it’s the number one priority. So be involved and present, whether it’s Uncensored events, or the ABM Breakfasts. The resources are there for you – utilize them.”

Mark’s enthusiasm for ABM is contagious. “I’m meeting so many different communities. There’s a ripple effect to ABM; the resources are there, you just have to be ready and willing to identify and utilize and the ripple effect on your business can only grow.”

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