ABM Expansion Assisted by the Trade Accelerator Program

We, the Raven Events team represented by Shannan Schimmelmann, Manager, Partnerships and International Business (left), and Katrin Harry, Managing Partner (right), attended the Trade Accelerator Program BC (TAPBC), offered by the World Trade Centre Vancouver in June and July. 

The four days of focused attention to ABM’s expansion into the US were a very practical and valuable investment.

TAPBC was beneficial to our international business expansion for several reasons. We expanded our network of BC businesses also seeking to expand operations internationally. These new connections have created a peer group that will stay in touch and continue to share best practices and lessons learned.

Further, we accessed many relevant export advisory services and resources. We appreciated the careful review of our export strategy by competent individuals representing organizations highly useful to us. The qualified and expert recommendations allowed us to increase clarity, strengthen market research and analysis and improve the quality of our strategic approach to ensure we are as effective and productive as we can be.

The TAPBC experience injected energy and new knowledge into our small team and we recommend participation even if your time and financial resources are stretched. 

With added knowledge, we continue to implement our expansion plan. ABM at the Navajo Nation Economic Summit from April 22 to 24, 2019 is just the beginning. Our plan is to produce six events across the US annually by 2021. We are excited to see what inter tribal and cross-border trade opportunities will be developed at ABM. There is a lot of interest from our Canadian network to connect with Native American business interests and the Navajo Nation’s focus on partnership and small business development aligns well with the business priorities we have seen expressed in ABM’s online business matching profiles in 2017 and this year so far.

We have also already started building relationships in Australia and are planning to produce our first event there in 2022.

We are looking for partners. Connect with us if you are interested in discussing your and our goals and how they may collaborate to achieve them.

Call 1-866-502-3532 (from the US), 604-483-3532 (from Canada and anywhere else)  or email info@ravenevents.ca.

If you want to learn more about the TAP Program click here.

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