Distilling Opportunity from Complexity

ABM is as simple and as complicated as the factors that foster or challenge relationships, as multidimensional as economies and as complex as the business space it is rooted in.

ABM is about distilling opportunity from complexity by providing smart software, even smarter and personalized curation services, and a keen interest in each ABMer’s success.

The companies and communities, most from Canada but an increasing number from the US,  that attend ABM are continuously in touch with each other by connecting online on the ABM platform. They take a dynamic, pro-active and multidimensional approach which creates a relationship-driven, focused environment. ABM consistently proves to not only move business goals forward but also to reveal hidden opportunities and unexpected ideas as a result of ongoing engagement and quality over quantity.

At ABM, you become part of a collaborative forward-thinking network of driven decision-makers who find common ground and build relationships that bridge the gap between supply and demand, cultural backgrounds, and business motivations.

ABM is a business development network providing connections and opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industry sectors. ABM is not a network reserved for Indigenous business. However, ABM is rooted in the Indigenous business space and you will find more decision-makers representing Indigenous business interests and communities here than in most other networks. ABM is curated with Indigenous values in mind and the support of Indigenous entrepreneurship and business success is very important.

At ABM, we believe that Indigenous values translate into advanced business practices that are globally relevant.

Businesses and communities that are successful at ABM:

  • commit to participating in ABM for 12 months to explore and build relationships;
  • offer business opportunities, products, and services relevant to Indigenous and non-Indigenous ABM Clients;
  • look beyond one-dimensional self-interest and understand the power of networking and benefit of indirect connections;
  • prioritize relationships over transactions;
  • are interested in purchasing from Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies;
  • are engaged and active in the pursuit of their business goals at ABM no matter what stage of development they are at;
  • create a presence in the ABM Network by actively attending ABM Connectors for which they register early;
  • are willing to act as peer mentors and share their expertise while looking to gain knowledge from others;
  • are committed to truth, transparency, partnership and mutual benefit;
  • respect each other’s business interests and cultures;
  • understand each other’s multi-dimensional motivations from community development, to stewardship and the creation of profits;
  • are aligned with ABM’s ultimate aim of achieving regenerative economies that create equitable prosperity for all; and
  • are respectful of, interested in and/or practicing traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and relationship-building in their business dealings.

“There is no instrument for building Indigenous economies anywhere. What the ABM has done for non-Indigenous people who want to partner and develop business in this space is greater than any other influence I’m aware of.
I have helped build three successful businesses through the ABM since 2012!” 

– Marc Storms, Co-Founder, NATIONS Wellness


We work with companies and communities from the US and Canada.