Step 1 – Application

The process of ABM registration begins with your online application. Using your login and password, you can edit your application any time after submission. Click on the event you wish to attend under ABM EVENTS and click either the LOGIN or APPLY NOW button featured on the right sidebar.

Preperation is key. Because business matching is the central component of your attendance at ABM, your success on the tradeshow floor depends on being active on the ABM system prior to the show — the sooner the better. Kick-starting these conversations early gives you a better chance of locking in those pre-scheduled appointments for a fuller, more effective show. Delegates who are engaged on the ABM system, active in accepting and declining pre-scheduled appointment requests and who show up on the tradeshow floor ready to go, see a real result at ABM.

Returning ABM Delegates

You will receive registration priority and can update your profile during the application phase.

Simply enter your previous Primary Delegate’s email under RETURNING ABM DELEGATES. The ABM system will send you a link to your application form pre-populated with all information entered for the previous event. Or contact us at to have your link emailed.

If you are not the Primary ABM Delegate but would like to apply on behalf of your organization, please contact Raven Events at and we will send you your registration link.

New Company Decision Makers

Including Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations supporting business as well as government agencies that fund Indigenous economic development.

During your application process, we will ask for detailed information about products and services, programs and business priorities. The information you supply provides the basis for your application’s evaluation. Using your login and password, you can edit your application any time after submission.  Approval is not guaranteed. The ABM Partners Group approve exhibitors based on overall industry representation at the show, business readiness, experience and scope of opportunities for business and partnership development.

The ABM Partners Group reserves the right to approve or decline applications at its sole discretion and does not provide a rationale to organizations that are not approved.

It is understood and respected that companies will attend with the goal to sell goods and services to Indigenous communities. However, preference is given to those companies that provide business opportunities extending beyond a “simple” customer/supplier relationship, including training, employment, and partnerships.

New Community Decision Makers

including First Nations, Tribal Councils, Metis communities and development corporations.

ABM is Indigenous-driven. Its primary goal is to benefit Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities in the pursuit of their business goals. We, therefore, accept any application from any Indigenous community provided the applying delegate is officially mandated by the community to conduct business meetings.

In rare cases, we ask for a band council or board resolutions. You do have to begin your registration by completing the online application. We will ask for detailed information about your community and business priorities. Using your login and password, you can edit your application any time after submission.

Check out our preparation check list for Indigenous communities here.

Step 2 – Approval, Registration Confirmation and Fee Payment

Community Decision Makers

Approvals for first-time and returning Community Decision Makers will be sent out by email weekly. Once approved, the invoice for registration fees appears on the home screen of your ABM Profile.

Community Decision Makers

First-time and returning exhibitor approvals will be sent out by email within four weeks of application. Once approved, the invoice for registration fees appears on the homescreen of your ABM Profile.

For information on registration fees click here.

Step 3 – Refinement of Profiles

Profiles can be enhanced and refined any time after the submission of your application. Once approved, all advanced features will be activated and provide you with full use of the business matching technology. 

Important! The more information you make available early on in the process, the better your chances of making the matches you are looking for.

Step 4 – Appointment Selection

Profiles are visible any time to all approved delegates.

You can start your appointment selection process immediately after approval.

ABM requires your active involvement. It is each ABM Delegate’s responsibility to create his/her own customized tradeshow schedule. Our system is set up to make things as efficient as possible and it will notify you if you have messages or pending appointment requests. You are expected to respond.

Step 5 – At the Show

Company Decision Makers

At the show, all Company Decision Makers are “stationary” during appointment periods and are provided with a 10′ trade show booth, power, internet, a table and four chairs.

Community Decision Makers

Community Decision Makers do not have booths and move from appointment to appointment.

Exception: When Company Decision Makers have an appointment with another Company Decision Maker one of the parties needs to leave its booth. If your appointment schedule shows a booth number, you need to meet your business match at its booth.