Company registration fees are based on company size, measured in number of employees. We consider the purchasing power of your entire organization, not only the budget of the smaller subsidiary or branch office you may represent.

The registration fee for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities including development corporations is $200 (super early bird), $350 (early bird) and $500 (regular) across the board.

ABM Without Borders Individual Event Registration Fees

For information about the ABM Membership, which allows you to attend as many ABM Without Borders events as you wish over the course of a year, click here.

For event-specific key dates and payment deadlines, please refer to the event pages.

Our Rate Structure is Designed to Create Hyper-Productivity

Company registration fees are based on size, measured in number of employees, to keep fees for small businesses, that are not linked to a large corporation, as low as possible and to provide discounted and at times free registrations to those who otherwise could not attend. This encourages participation by the communities that deal with limited financial resources and by Indigenous entrepreneurs who are in the process of building their business. These ABMers are a significant growth market looking to increase their business activity. 

ABM’s business matching concept is based on mutual benefit which is made possible by leveling the playing field. Everybody has the same profile template and number of appointments to attract business matches. Every delegate has the option to accept or decline meetings and is required to bring concrete business opportunities to the table.

Our fee structure of Super Early Bird, Early Bird and Regular further supports productivity. We know that ABM’s productivity increases exponentially the more business matching activity occurs early. We therefore provide a financial incentive to register early. More importantly though, registering early means that ABMers increase their visibility and profile. No matter if you represent a community or business, this allows you to raise awareness for your business goals early and increase the probability of attracting the right partners or customers. Additionally,  early registration allows ABM to recruit more decision makers of specific interest to you. By registering early, delegates maximize results and improve ROI.

Payment Policies

  • Once your attendance is approved, your invoice is posted on your ABM profile home page. You can download a PDF. It shows the rate applicable at the time of registration.
  • Rates for unpaid accounts increase as registration fees increase. If your invoice remains unpaid when a fee increase is due, your invoice goes up by $150.
  • You must log in to your profile and make a payment in order to start business matching.
  • In rare cases, we allow cheque payments. Please contact Raven Events to make billing arrangements. Billing arrangements will not be made after payment deadlines.
  • Non-payment will result in the application of a $250 late payment fee and may result in the retraction of your approval.
  • Cancellations received on or before 30 days of the start date will be refunded 50%. Cancellations received after will not receive ANY refund under ANY circumstance. Delegate substitutions are accepted at any time before and during the event.