ABM Without Borders Instructions

  1. Log into your account. Click here to log in.
  2. Prior to the event, use the red MEMBER HELP DESK button to connect with us to make sure video and audio are working. The earlier you test, the better as we will be able to troubleshoot issues with you.
  3. The day of the event, check in!
  4. Make sure you only have one ABM window open in your browser.
  5. Make sure you Link to Hub for the right event!!
  6. From the Event Hub select “GO TO ROOM” (top right column) next to your first appointment. A timer indicates when the meeting starts and counts down while the meeting is running.
  7. When the timer starts flashing red, your meeting is about to end. You then need to proceed to your next meeting. You will see if you need to go to another room or stay in the one you are already in. It will say GO TO ROOM if the request is from somebody or THIS ROOM if the request was to somebody. You will see next to your appointment number if the request was from or to you. 
  8. If you requested the meeting, it takes place in your meeting room. You need to LET your guests IN. When the green LET IN button appears next to their name, it means they have left their last meeting and are ready for the meeting with you. Click LET IN. The button turns into a red END button.
  9. If you have accepted an incoming meeting request, you will see a purple button on the top right that says “GO TO ROOM”. Click it and wait for a flashing pop up to appear on your screen. Click ENTER.
  10. If the video feed does not establish, refresh the pages or as the meeting requester click the red END button which turns into a green LET IN button. Click LET IN again.
  11. You can find all contact information for your matches in the PDF export of your schedule (PDF icon, bottom, left navigation bar).
  12. In addition to the TEST button, you can also initiate a help request in the left navigation bar.
  13. You can reach us at 604-483-3532.