These dialogue forums are designed to create outstanding relationships.


1. ABM Uncensored

– online, 9 am to 11.30 am PT, included for ABM Clients –

Uncensored has been a staple networking opportunity at ABM for years. ABM Uncensored aims to connect you meaningfully with other ABM Clients and is designed to take the conversation below the surface of political correctness in a confidential and generous environment.  This is why we call it “Uncensored”. Cringing is part of the experience.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of each other’s roles, backgrounds, priorities, and motivations, which later supports productive business development during their meetings. ABM Uncensored is based on the belief that differences contribute to the success of a relationship rather than prevent it and that a commitment to truth is essential.

The ABM Network is unique as it is comprised of professionals who understand the historical context of Indigenous business and its foundational value for healthy economies and society at large. ABM decision-makers therefore examine the topics chosen by each group in courageous conversations with the explicit goal to continuously improve the way Indigenous and non-Indigenous people do purpose-driven business together.

We make sure that the experience is a positive one.



  • “I find that ABM Uncensored does allow deeper and more difficult discussions than the ABM business events and that these discussions and insights gained make the other ABM events more valuable.”
  • “ABM Uncensored is a tight group of people with a shared vision. Diversely comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and women we are all leaders in our own right. Amazing discussion with brilliant people”
  • “Attending the ABM Uncensored and the inaugural Leadership ABM event has been highly enlightening on my learning experiences with business expansion and development. I am met with respect, encouragement, and professionalism by each member participating.  I encourage entrepreneurs to participate.”

2. ABM Leadership Circle

– online, 9 am to 11.30 am PT, included for ABM Clients –

The ABM Leadership Circle is a professional development tool that provides space for peer dialogue with the goal to energize and spark new ideas. It provides ABM Members with opportunity to deepen their relationships. The goal is to find alignments and partnerships to do better and more business!

  • Monday, September 13 Click here to see participants (13 spaces remain)
  • Monday November 1 Click here to see participants (15 spaces remain)
  • Monday, January 4, 2022 (15 spaces remain)
  • Monday, March 7 (15 spaces remain)
  • Monday, May 2 (15 spaces remain)
  • Monday, July 4, 2022 (15 spaces remain)


  • “The ABM Leadership Circle provided us with a platform to jog our leadership muscles through some truly relevant conversations.” Leadership Circle non-Client participant taking part all the way from India.

Cost for Non-Clients
$500 per person

Signing Up for 1 and/or 2

Those interested in participating are required to complete a survey prior to being confirmed as an attendee. A video-conference link and an Orientation Package are then provided to all confirmed participants.

Let us know you are interested by emailing Maynard at


A quote from a Leadership Circle participant:

‘The path for Indigenous Nations to establish their sovereignty within Canada feels complex and deeply nuanced.   I am very thankful to have a forum where we can wrestle with the challenges we face as leaders along this path.’  Ian Dyck, M.Sc., P.Eng. Senior Vice President Water – Canada

3. ABM Journey

– online, four sessions, 9 am to 11. 30 am, for any corporate team, ABM client enrollment not required –

ABM Journey is a dialogue forum for corporate teams to engage in meaningful conversations about company culture and how individual as well as collaborative action can promote positive relationships with Indigenous partners, suppliers and employees.

ABM Journey aims to open the door. It is a facilitated dialogue forum that tackles real issues, not their politically correct versions, and helps unpack many sensitive issues and challenges relevant to Indigenous communities (the Indian Act, Indian Reserve System, Indian Residential Schools, Reconciliation, and Aboriginal Rights and Title). The facilitation includes historical facts that set groundwork for the development of understanding. It provides a forum to foster real conversations, creating a deeper understanding of Canadian history and the legacy of Indigenous peoples. This knowledge supports the creation of a work environment that is positive, inclusive and respectful, resulting in better relationships, higher productivity, retention and enhanced safety.

Session 1: The Basics, Canada’s History
Session 2: The Indian Act, the Reserve System
Session 3: Genocide
Session 4: Reconciliation?

ABM Journey can strengthen the foundation of your company’s Indigenous cultural awareness. Mainstream businesses wanting to develop positive working relationships with Indigenous communities must start with this strong understanding of Canadian history.

The goal is for every member of your team to be able to confidently represent themselves and your organization in the complex business settings that require a solid understanding of Canadian history and the legacy of Indigenous peoples.

  • up to 20 Participants
  • $10,000 for Non-Clients
  • $8,000 for ABM Clients

Our dialogue forums are not products you can consume. The cost is not negotiable and we do not submit proposals.  We will share our knowledge and lived experience with you through a process of  relationship development in which we work together to create dialogue from preparation to debrief.  We are willing to build a relationship with you and your team that takes you far beyond curriculum delivery. The fee is not payment for service. It is acknowledgement.

The Facilitators

Thich’ala (Ace Harry)

Thich’ala (Ace Harry) has roots with the χʷɛmaɬku (Xwe’malhkwu or Homalco) Nation) but grew up in t̓išosəm, which is ɬaʔəmen (Tla’amin) territory. Ace was gifted her traditional name by her family at a traditional naming ceremony in 2011. She is nineteen years old and the daughter of Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry) and Jeh’Jeh’Ganak (Katrin Harry).

She is an International Baccalaureate graduate as of May 2020 (Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific UWC) and intends to pursue a post-secondary education in classical music and history.

She is a land protector and an outspoken advocate for direct action, especially when it comes to Indigenous rights and title.




Peter McCoppin

ABM is happy to introduce as our newest ABM collaborator, Peter McCoppin, a nationally- and internationally-recognized keynote speaker. According to Peter: “Effective leadership is defined not by position or title but by behavior that excites, inspires, and unites others to contribute their best to a common enterprise.”

Peter’s leadership skills were developed and refined over the course of 40 years as a Music Director, Conductor, host/broadcaster, and executive coach. That practical experience laid the foundation for his coaching practice and professional training program across the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. Peter has facilitated more than 80 team-building sessions in the public and private sectors and has provided executive coaching programs to Deputy Ministers, Company Presidents, Olympic athletes.



Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry)

Maynard was given his traditional name (Qwastånayå) by his community’s Elders immediately before the May 10, 2003 signing of the historic Community Accord between the Tla’amin Nation and the City of Powell River. This Accord was reaffirmed in June 2018.

Qwastånayå was elected by his community to serve as Chief Councilor from 2002-2004. He also served four terms as Councilor. During his ‘Headperson’ tenure, Maynard’s intergovernmental relationship building work was recognized at the regional level by the City of Powell River with a ‘Freedom of the Municipality’ in 2008 and by the Governor-General of Canada with a ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal’ in 2013.

From 1995 to 2007, Maynard managed Tla’amin’s Aboriginal Rights and Title Department (including archaeology program).

Maynard is one of only two CCAB-certified cultural awareness trainers in British Columbia.

Maynard is a student of a master bag-piper, dad to 20-year-old daughter Thich’ala (Ace) and husband of Sue Siden.



Interested? Questions?

If you are interested in ABM Journey, please contact L. Maynard Harry at or 1-604-223-7462 to discuss the goals of your team and to receive a detailed proposal that outlines agenda, contents and costs.

If you are an ABM Member,  discuss with Maynard how to leverage ABM Uncensored and the ABM Leadership Circle as part of your ABM experience!

“ABM Uncensored was a space to be vulnerable and to push past barriers and misconceptions of doing business with Indigenous peoples. It was a space of respect, of learning, and of courage. ABM Uncensored made my experience in the following days more worthwhile.”  Jordan Ewart, Saskatchewan Trucking Association