The Straight Goods So Far in 2019!

– based on post-event evaluations –

A 94.03% approval rating!
Overall, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the value received from this ABM?
Very Satisfied          63.43%
Satisfied                   30.60%

A 98.52% success rate!
Did you accomplish what you set out to achieve at the ABM?
Yes, I did.          58.52%
Somewhat        40%

A 88.15% quality endorsement for our curated and hyper-productive ABM Network!
Selection of Companies, Communities and Organizations
Very Satisfied          37.78%
Satisfied                   50.37%

If you have not attended yet, call us  today to discuss if your business or community can benefit from ABM. If we think you can, the satisfaction rate and productivity  will increase as we are continuously looking to add new and valuable opportunities to the ABM Network.

A 94.82% satisfaction rate with the custom-tailored business development schedules that set ABM apart from other conferences!
Quality of Pre-Scheduled ABM Appointments
Very Satisfied         49.63%
Satisfied                   45.19%

More than 1 out of 10 ABMers signed at least one deal on the trade show floor!
Have you completed any concrete business deals at ABM?
Yes          15.67%

More than 8 out of 10 ABMers expect to sign a deal as a direct result of attending ABM!
Do you expect to close any deals as a result of this ABM?
Yes, within three months.                                                                  34.09%
Yes, within twelve months.                                                                21.97%
Yes, results are expected to materialize in the long term.           32.58%

99.24 of satisfaction rate with our services. 
Delegate Services Provided by the ABM Team (This includes assistance with the preparation for ABM to ensure
Very Satisfied          67.18%
Satisfied                   32.06%

90.91 % of ABMers prepared with ease!
How did you find the preparation process (application to register, development of online profile, appointment selection)?
Very Easy          50%
Easy                   40.91%

Even 2.83% of the 9.09% who did not find the preparation very easy or easy found it worthwhile at the end. We are pretty sure that the 6.26% who did not, are the same ABMers that we never spoke to.
Did you find the time invested into preparation worthwhile?
Yes          93.73%

88.46% of ABMers liked what they paid!
Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the cost of registration for ABM?
Very Satisfied         20.77%
Satisfied                  67.69%

Here are the most significant benefits derived by ABMers!
New Relationships Formed                                       54%
Promising Leads                                                         15.74%
Deals Made                                                                  14.68
Visibility Increased                                                      10.34%
Old Relationships Maintained                                   8.93%
Capacity, Skills and Knowledge Improvement       8.06%

And pretty much all  ABMers come back!
Will you attend ABM in the future?
Yes          97.67%