Starting January 1, 2021 we will replace our sponsorship program with the ABM Powerhouse.

Instead of recognizing sponsorship investments, we will recognize companies and communities that improve ABM’s productivity and strengthen its vitality through the creation of multi-dimensional business opportunities and relationships.

  • The ABM Powerhouse is designed to make procurement needs, supply chains and revenue-generating business models more visible.
  • It fosters peer mentorship and recognizes collaborations characterized by altruism.
  • It highlights partnerships that fuse together Indigenous and non-Indigenous approaches into sophisticated business practices that apply traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and relationship-building.

The ABM Powerhouse pursues ABM’s desire to level the playing field. It will recognize achievement regardless of scale and create the story of the exceptional companies, communities, and decision-makers that make up the ABM Network.

To be an ABM Powerhouse Member you must tick these 11 boxes:

You must handle basic housekeeping stuff and 

1. be an ABM Member who paid a full annual ABM Membership fee.

2. be engaged and pursue your ABM goals with an extraordinarily high degree of professionalism. This means responding to your appointment requests promptly, not causing no-shows or last-minute cancellations, having a complete profile, and being clear when stating objectives for each event you attend.

You must tell us what makes you exceptional and

3. be interested in connecting with Indigenous and non-Indigenous business interests.

4. be aligned with ABM’s ultimate aim of achieving regenerative economies that create equitable prosperity for all, ideally expressed in business and partnership models that create revenue streams for Indigenous communities and businesses.

5. also be interested in buying if you come to ABM to sell.

6. look beyond self-interest and act as a conduit and connector to strengthen the impact of the ABM Network as an economic force for social change.

7. respect and/or apply traditional Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and relationship-building in your business dealings, ideally expressed in public messaging that create transparency and accountability.

You must empower the decision-maker who represents you at ABM and 

8. encourage the achievement of multidimensional results.

9. be available for peer mentorship and willing to share your expertise freely while also looking to gain knowledge from others.

You must be committed to adding to the productivity of the ABM Network for the benefit of all and

10. share your successes to generate the energy that moves the ABM Network forward and possess a contagious enthusiasm for partnerships and thinking outside the box.

11. share leads and bring new members into the ABM Network to continuously expand its reach and the volume of opportunities.

If you would like to be a member of the ABM Powerhouse, please send us an email that addresses points 3 to 7 to get the conversation started. 


  1. Recognition as a Powerhouse Member on the ABM website and at ABM events (both ABM Classic and ABM Without Borders);
  2. Opportunity to partner on ABM Without Borders events, raising your profile by promoting your brand, business models, and partnership opportunities;
  3. Access to exclusive Powerhouse events; and
  4. an extra 5% off (30% off total) ABM Classic registrations, once in-person events resume.

Additionally, we are currently developing an exciting pilot project only accessible to Powerhouse Members.

ABM Powerhouse Members

  • Cascadia Bioenergy Ltd., Victoria, BC
  • Nanoose Development Corporation, Lantzville, BC
  • Serpent River First Nation, Cutler, Ontario
  • The Four Cups, Washington, DC
  • The Update Company, Cumberland, BC
  • Tla’amin Nation, Powell River, BC
  • Total Support Solutions, Victoria, BC