ABM offers two ways of raising your profile, resulting in more visibility, appointments and business.

1. Individual ABM Event Sponsorships

Each ABM event attracts between 60 and 250 delegates. Event sponsorship allows you to increase your visibility in a specific market.

Promotional Benefits:


ABM Event Sponsorship Cost

$5000/per ABM Event (in addition to registration fees)

ABM Event Sponsorship Contact

Call Katrin Harry, Managing Partner, at 604-483-6421 or email katrin@ravenevents.ca.


2. The National ABM Partnership

The National ABM Partners Group is a dynamic circle of Indigenous and corporate leaders from across the country who use ABM to collaborate, driving business development and change. The Group provides real-world and bottom-line oriented marketplace expertise, ensuring ABM provides the highest value possible to its decision makers.

Promotional Benefits:


Business Development Benefits:

We work with every partner individually to identify business goals and how to best use ABM to achieve them.

  • Access to Valuable Insights and Market Intelligence
    We share what we know to help you drive your business objectives. The ABM Team at Raven Events will add to your capacity to develop successful business relationships regionally, provincially and nationally.
  • Access to Leads
    We provide one-on-one support to help you find the right connections between events and in preparation for each ABM.
  • Access to Media
    We create win-win-win media partnerships. We work with you to pitch your story, generating earned media.
  • Increased Profile and Ongoing Visibility
    We highlight your achievements, track record and objectives within the ABM Network via our blog, social media, in delegates updates, email promotions and online newsletters to increase your success at ABM. Our partners come first when we select images for our website and create design elements for our communications strategy including social and print media.
  • Presence and Engagement
    You go where we go. The activities we undertake to promote ABM over the course of the year always include our partners. We create opportunities for you to participate in person whenever possible. We always include you in our communications material and conversations as we expand the ABM Network.

In addition to the promotional and business development benefits, two innovative initiatives, the ABM Uncensored forums and the ABM Leadership Exchange, are currently under development to enhance the business interactions on the ABM trade show floor. The group of National ABM Partners will shape these initiatives, demonstrating a pronounced and highly visible leadership role in the Indigenous market.

ABM National Partnership Costs

$20,000 annually (in addition to registration fees)

ABM National Partnership Contact

Call Katrin Harry, Managing Partner, at 604-483-6421 or email katrin@ravenevents.ca.