We effectively support our Membership’s business development work. Paired with proprietary technology, we continuously cultivate a productive business network that eliminates the high cost and guesswork of conventional relationship development. 

Your membership allows us to get to know you, understand your business goals, and help you achieve them. Working with us, you increase your results and become part of a dynamic network of motivated decision-makers. 

Membership Privileges for ABM Without Borders (online)

  • Attend as many ABM Without Borders events and appointments as you wish! We are scheduling a minimum of two Without Borders events per month. This means you have a minimum of 240 appointment slots at your disposal over the course of your annual membership. Your membership makes it easy to set priorities. Fill all appointments at an event or zero in on only one. Your ABM Membership allows you to maximize your business development time, to create and maintain connections, broaden your scope, and obtain valuable market knowledge. Explore connections you would otherwise not prioritize! You never know what business potential these hidden opportunities hold!
  • You have access to the ABM Curation Team. Distill your goals and get active support from us to achieve them!
  • ABM Members drive the agenda! The ABM Without Borders line-up is created in consultation with you based on your needs. Talk to us about an ABM Without Borders event that drills down what you want to achieve.
  • Members do not pay for a second Without Borders delegate. Hence two members of your team can attend each one.
  • ABM Members attend ABM UncensoredOnlinefor free. ABM Uncensored is a dialogue forum that prepares the common ground for truly exceptional relationships.
  • ABM Members can share their membership with anybody in their organization, no matter what the department or region.

Membership Privileges for ABM Classic (in person)

  • ABM Members get 25% off their registration fees(primary and additional) for any ABM Classic event!
  • ABM Members are guaranteed a booth on the ABM Classic trade show floor.
  • ABM Uncensored Classic is free for ABM Members. 

Membership Fees

Small Business  (up to 50 employees) and Communities         $ 5000 annually
Medium Business (51 to 500 employees)                                    $ 7000 annually
Large Business (more than 501 employees)                               $ 9000 annually

ABM offers high quality, pre-qualified business connections based on your needs. ABM is not a lead generation tool. It is a dynamic network of decision-makers.

Classic (in-person) registrations minus 25% are charged in addition to memberships.

Results & Value

So far, since we launched ABM Without Borders last June,

  • 63.16% of post-event evaluation respondents said they were “Very Satisfied” with the value of ABM.
  • 36.84% said they were “Satisfied.”

That is a 100% approval rating and with that about three points higher than our ABM Classic events.

Even at $7000 the value cannot be argued with. If you are in charge of business or economic development, we know you get it.

How to get started?

If you are new to ABM, we suggest you participate in one event at the individual ABM Without Borders fee. If you decide to become an ABM Member, we make the membership retroactive and deduct the individual fee from the membership fee.

Read this to determine if ABM is the right business development tool for you and contact us at 604-483-3532 or info@advancedbusinessmatch.com.

All rates are subject to change without notice.