Regular ABMers are probably wondering what we are up to now and regular CFIGers (we made that up) are definitely wondering why we are involved and how ABM fits into the picture. Read the brief history at the bottom of this page! But first to the meat and potatoes, so to speak:

GSF Retailer Connect
Monday, April 26 and Tuesday, April 27, 2021
at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Building

How GSF Retailer Connect Works

You will be able to schedule up to 20 20-minute appointments, 10 on April 26 and 10 on April 27, 2021. Click here to find out how ABM business matching works. It is up to you how many appointments you want to take. Our system allows you to block appointment slots when you are not available.

Most exhibitors will conduct meetings at their GSF booth on the trade show floor. There is a very limited number of auxiliary meeting spaces available. The fee is an additional $300 for both days and both days need to be booked.

Anyone can select appointments with any attendee. Should retailers select an appointment with retailers, neither one having a booth, the meeting takes place in the GSF Retailers Connect Lounge.

Your schedule indicates clearly what meeting takes place when and where. It does not let you overbook or schedule more than one meeting with the same organization.

You have five minutes between each appointment.

Registration Fees and Key Dates


  • Super Early Bird: $299 until March 15, 2021
  • Early Bird: $429 until March 29, 2021
  • Regular: $549
  • Additional Meeting Space: $300 (limited available, not necessary for business matching)
  • Payment Deadline: April 16, 2021

You need to be a registered GSF Exhibitor to participate in Retailer Connect.

Registration fees for GSF Retailer Connect are subject to GST  in addition to GSF registration fees. Fees are paid separately when you sign up for each component.


  • Retailer Connect fees are not applicable for retailers.

How to Register

Click the Apply/Login button top right, create an account if you do not already have one, then select GSF Retailer Connect and complete you profile.

In order to participate in Retailer Connect you need to be registered for Grocery & Specialty Food West  first. Click here for GSF registration information.


We are excited to work with all Retailer Connect Delegates to help you maximize your results! The most important thing setting us apart from other B2B software providers is the way we work with our delegates. We are no personality-deprived online tool. We are a team committed to your success so call or email if we can provide any assistance!!

You can reach the ABM Team at or 1-604-483-3532.

You can reach Joe Sawaged, CFIG’s Director of Member Services and Industry Relations, at 416-587-0537 or

Here is the brief history we mentioned above:   

ABM is produced by Raven Events. We are a market leader in technology-facilitated business development. We happen to be an Indigenous business and are based in the Coast Salish community of Tla’amin north of Powell River in British Columbia. We have been curating business development events since 2010 and have built a national network that connects decision makers to create opportunities for business. And yes, as our DNA is Indigenous, we have perfected this in the Indigenous business space.

In 2018, we decided to take eight years of experience in business matching and power it all into the development of proprietary and cutting-edge business matching software. We scoured the world market for a software development company that was not only able to do the job but also interested in taking a partnership approach to transforming our vision into a hyper-productive business development tool. We found that company in Mighty Oaks, a company based in Victoria, BC. Mighty Oaks happens to be a CFIG member as they also specialize in the development of software for grocery retail. Knowing that we were looking for an association partner to run a pilot that would allow us to use the new software in a new market with unique business development needs, Mighty Oaks introduced us to the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG), the producers of Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) and  Grocery & Specialty Food West (GSF).

We then struck a partnership deal with CFIG to bring you the first technology-facilitated GIC Retailer Connect and GIC and now at GSF!

AND last but not least: We are very excited to see if CFIG’s network will mix and mingle with ours. For those of you who are not doing business with Indigenous communities and businesses yet, you will find that there is a vast pool of untapped opportunities. You will find driven community decision makers looking to develop and implement projects and and dynamic entrepreneurs; all on a steep upward trajectory.

For instance, there is a First Nation on Vancouver Island that is building a grocery retail component to their residential waterfront development. They are looking for partners and suppliers, heard about our connection with CFIG, registered for an event and are now waiting for us to talk to you and bring the right companies to the table.

Call us at 604-483-3532 to find out more!