ABM Indigenous: Vancouver Island

– in partnership with Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation

Postponed – New dates for ABM Virtual and ABM Classic to be advised (also see COVID-19 and Beyond).

Songhees Wellness Centre, 1100 Admirals Road
Lekwungen Territories
Victoria, BC

The Songhees Wellness Centre is a community hub for the Songhees First Nation. The venue is managed, staffed and catered by community members. The Nation advised us that the facility will be closed to all events over 20 persons until further notice. This decision was made to mitigate any risk associated with COVID-19 to community members.

ABM Indigenous (Classic): Vancouver Island, originally scheduled for March 16 to 18, will now take place in person at a later date. In advance, and in addition, we will schedule ABM Virtual as soon as possible. 

We are working on embedding virtual one-on-one meeting capabilities right into the ABM Event Hub. For those registered, the event will remain live online and show the original dates until a new date is finalized. You have access to your schedule and can use all business matching features including messaging and ABM Global.

As soon as our new software is ready to go, we will host the event on our virtual platform, holding all 31 appointments over two days. Make sure you have some snacks delivered.  ABM Virtual is part and parcel of your event registration. No extra fees!

Then, when the Songhees Nation reopens its facility, we will hold ABM Classic in Victoria; handshakes, hugs and all.  Delegates can move and reschedule appointments any time to rejig the virtual and freshen up for the personal.

If you are not registered for ABM Classic/Virtual: Vancouver Island, the virus just bought you more time! We are out of booth space for the in-person event, but at ABM you do NOT purchase an exhibitor booth. Your registration fee is for your online profile and appointment schedule only. Booths are merely a requirement to create meeting space, are free and allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Not having a booth does not affect your productivity at the event.

Business Matching Priorities

Our delegates are looking to make new relationships in the following sectors for ABM Classic/Virtual: Vancouver Island:

  • Film and TV companies looking for locations on Vancouver Island that want to work with Indigenous communities;
  • A credit union with interest in supporting social enterprises;
  • Forestry-related companies;
  • Healthcare businesses interested in partnerships with Indigenous communities;
  • Retail (grocery, cannabis, arts and crafts);
  • Tourism product development partners and consultants to develop, grow and manage existing and new attractions;
  • A hotel management company interested in unique boutique properties;
  • Fisheries and aquaculture companies engaged in anything from development to export;
  • Companies in mining and minerals, aggregate extraction; and
  • Transportation and logistics companies.

Please contact Michele Hansen at 604-414-3647 or email info@advancedbusinessmatch.com to discuss your business development priorities and who you want to see at the table.

About Songhees Nation

Songhees Nation pursues the generation of income, capacity and economic opportunity with the goal of being financially self-reliant and prosperous. The Nation is continuously increasing its participation in the regional economy.

“We are the original business people of this region. We have an ancient history of trade with other Nations and European settlers. Our responsibilities are monumental. We ensure our cultural heritage resources are protected, support our youth and insist on our rightful place as beneficiaries and driver of the region’s economy. ABM Indigenous is one way for us to move our goals forward by inviting businesses and other Nations to join us, discuss partnerships, learn about each other’s business priorities and create meaningful relationships that support our shared goal of self-reliance and economic success.” Chief Ron Sam, Songhees Nation


“We are a Nation under pressure. The demands on our leadership and staff are high. It is important for us to identify real opportunity efficiently. ABM allows us to do so. We encourage all companies that want to do business with Island First Nations to participate and let us know how your business model, product, service or partnership approach can be of benefit for us.” Christina Clarke, CEO, Songhees Development Corporation


Preparation is Key

Because business matching is the central component of your attendance at ABM, your success on the tradeshow floor depends on being active on the ABM system prior to the show — the sooner the better. Kick-starting these conversations early gives you a better chance of locking in those pre-scheduled appointments for a fuller, more effective show. Delegates who are engaged on the ABM system, active in accepting and declining pre-scheduled appointment requests and who show up on the tradeshow floor ready to go, see a real result at ABM.

Key Dates

New in-person dates will be advised as soon as possible. 

For detailed registration fees, click here.

IMPORTANT! All booths for this event have been allocated.

You do NOT purchase an exhibitor booth.
Your registration fee is for your online profile and appointment schedule only. Booths are merely a requirement to create meeting space, are free and allocated to companies on a first-come-first-serve basis. All available booths have been allocated for this event. For the purposes of business matching this is inconsequential as you create your trade show schedule before the event and do not need to attract traffic to your booth. Connect with us if you are interested in attending once  a new date has been advised.

Booths are NOT required for community decision makers as they travel through the ABM exhibit from appointment to appointment. However, communities that do not require a registration fee discount but pay full rate can choose to have a booth provided they register early enough.

If parties without booth allocation meet, the ABM system assigns flex booths.


Ocean Point Resort
100 Harbour Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 0G1
(250) 360-2999

The conference rate has expired but rooms can still be booked at the best available rate.

Tradeshow Logistics

We will post shipping information, floor plan and booth assignments closer to the event date.

“My mission is to create awareness of our National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference among Indigenous communities and businesses from all over Canada. This was the perfect forum for me to meet Vancouver Island nations, communities and businesses in one location, at one event. The organizers know how to efficiently and respectfully facilitate the relationships I’m looking for. I came away with new contacts and relationships in an incredibly productive experience.”

— Lisa Marin, Operations and Sales Manager, National Indigenous Cannabis & Hemp Conference & Delegate, VIEA Business Match 2019 (an ABM event)